AIDA (Artifically Intelligent Digital Assistant) is an LMD (Life Model Decoy) created by Holden Radcliffe from the program that served as his assistant.

Radcliffe designed AIDA to be indistinguishable from an ordinary human and to protect the lives of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.

After killing her creator, AIDA desired to become a real human which she was able to do by building her own organic body and downloading her mind into it.

AIDA was killed by Ghost Rider.

Biography Edit

AIDA was originally created by Dr. Radcliffe as a digital assistant on his computer, but after Radcliffe saw the prosthetic hand Fitz-Simmons made for Coulson he was inspired to build AIDA a physical body.

At the end of Season Three, Radcliffe tells AIDA they're celebrating. When AIDA asks what they are celebrating, he answers that today is her birthday and reveals the body he has been building for her.

Season Four Edit

In "The Ghost," Fitz visits Radcliffe at his home to watch a soccer game together, but is surprised when he sees AIDA walking around the house without clothes on. Radcliffe quickly covers AIDA, deactivates her, and explains that he was in the middle of installing some new hardware when he arrived.

After Radcliffe explains what AIDA is, Fitz is at first against showing AIDA to Director Mace, but Fitz agrees to help Radcliffe perfect AIDA after learning she was created to protect S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.

In "Uprising," Radcliffe uses AIDA's battery to power a defibrillator which he uses to revive May.

In "Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire," AIDA takes care of May while she recovers from the ghost virus. When May asks AIDA where she's from AIDA says "well, most of me is from China," Fitz then barges in and says AIDA is Canadian.

Later, AIDA asks Radcliffe why Fitz lied to May and Radcliffe explains that they want people to believe she's human. Furthermore, Radcliffe explains how it's okay to lie to people if you do it to protect another person.

In "Deals with Our Devils," after Fitz, Coulson, and Robbie disappear, Mace has Radcliffe and AIDA examine the quantum power cells Elias used to power his machine. However, the technology is too advanced for Radcliffe to understand; May then shows Radcliffe the Darkhold hoping it could help him, but after taking one look inside the book Radcliffe refuses to use it.

AIDA then volunteers to read the book for them, but Radcliffe is against the idea. Radcliffe then confesses to May that AIDA is an android. However, May supports AIDA's idea as if anything happens to AIDA then they only need to reboot her just like any other computer.
Aida interdimensional gateway

AIDA constructing an interdimensional portal

After reading the Darkhold, AIDA learns how to build an interdimensional arch which she uses to open a portal that Coulson and Fitz use to return to this dimension.

At the end of the episode, AIDA is seen creating a hologram of a human brain.

In "The Laws of Inferno Dynamics," Mace says he wants AIDA's help in stopping Elias, prompting Coulson to confess what Fitz told him that AIDA is an android. Mace orders to get Radcliffe and AIDA to join the mission, but to have AIDA dismantled afterwards.

Later, after informing AIDA of the situation, she devises a plan to stop Elias; AIDA reconstructs the interdimensional arch one floor below the floor Elias and his machine were on, Yo-yo uses her super-speed to place a powerful magnet on Elias' chest, AIDA then opens the portal and the magnet Elias has is pulled through the portal along with Elias, his machine, and Ghost Rider, who was inside the machine at the time, thereby trapping them all in another dimension.

However, during the mission, AIDA is shot twice by one of Elias' henchman. AIDA, however, reassures Fitz-Simmons that the blood is mostly for show, but she is programmed to experience pain.

Back at the base, Mace informs Radcliffe he's changed his mind about dismantling AIDA, but from now on all research Radcliffe does on the LMD Program will be done under S.H.I.E.L.D. supervision.

At the end of the episode, Mace sends Agent Nathanson to Radcliffe's home to retrieve all of Radcliffe's research and escort AIDA back to the base. However, when Nathanson finds May unconscious, AIDA kills Nathanson.

In "Broken Promises," Mace orders that AIDA's memory be erased as AIDA read the Darkhold which means the contents of the book are stilled saved to her hard drive and the book is too dangerous to allow any information taken from it to get out. However, when Radcliffe and Fitz go remove AIDA's hard drive, she attacks them and escapes.

Later, AIDA hacks into S.H.I.E.L.D. computers and causes a power outage at the base. Using the May LMD, AIDA learns that the Darkhold is in Mace's office and steals it, but as she's about to leave the base Mack decapitates her.

AIDAs head

AIDA's severed head

At the end of the episode, it's revealed that AIDA going rogue was all an act and this was part Radcliffe's plan to steal the Darkhold for himself. Furthermore, Radcliffe has already built a second AIDA to replace the one Mack destroyed.

In "The Man Behind the Shield," Daisy and the team attempt to rescue Mace from the Watchdogs. However, during the mission, Fitz, Coulson, and Mack are all captured and AIDA replacing each of them with LMDs while downloading their minds into the Framework.

In "Self Control," AIDA explains to Radcliffe a paradox she's found in her programming; AIDA is programmed to protect the Framework and protect Radcliffe, but she has determined that the greatest threat to the Framework is Radcliffe. From observing human behavior, AIDA has learned that a common human sentiment is regret and AIDA fears one day Radcliffe will regret creating the Framework and destroy it.

Radcliffe assures AIDA that will never happen by reminding her all the good the Framework does and how reality is only perception. After hearing Radcliffe say this AIDA finds a solution to her dilemma; she slits both of Radcliffe's wrists and downloads his mind into the Framework as he slowly bleeds to death.

Now AIDA can protect both Radcliffe and the Framework as now Radcliffe is a part of the Framework.

Framework Universe Edit

In "Identity and Change," AIDA downloads herself into the Framework.

Within the Framework, AIDA is a human named Ophelia and is also the leader of Hydra. Hydra won the war with S.H.I.E.L.D. thus now Hydra rules the world. Furthermore, Fitz and the others have all been given new memories and believe the Framework is the real world. Also, Fitz and AIDA are in a romantic relationship.

After downloading their own minds into the Framework, Daisy and Simmons locate Radcliffe within the Framework and learn AIDA has imprisoned him on a private island with Agnes, his girlfriend. However, they see Zephyr One land nearby and AIDA depart with Fitz and an army of Hydra soldiers. While the soldiers search the island for Daisy and Simmons, Radcliffe argues with AIDA, but AIDA rebuffs him and tells him she's only doing what he programmed her to do.

The soldiers find Agnes and Fitz threatens to kill her unless Radcliffe tells them where the "subversives" are. AIDA tells Fitz that Radcliffe enslaved her in "the other world" and intends to replace her with Agnes. Radcliffe tries to help Fitz remember who he is, but Fitz doesn't listen and kills Agnes. AIDA then takes Radcliffe prisoner and leaves.

In "No Regrets," while Daisy is held prisoner by Hydra, AIDA makes her an offer; she'll program Lincoln into the Framework and allow the two of them to live the rest of their lives together if Daisy tells her where her and Simmons bodies are in the real world. Daisy rejects her offer and asks AIDA what she obtains from this. AIDA answers "what everyone else has, a choice".

In "All The Madame's Men," May gives a Daisy a terrigen crystal which activates her inhuman powers. While escaping the Triskelion, Daisy sends AIDA flying out a window with a shock wave. AIDA survives, but her spine was shattered.

From Machine to Flesh and Blood Edit

In "Farewell, Cruel World!," AIDA uses a quantum particle generator, similar to the one Elias built, to build herself an organic body and downloads her mind into it using the Framework thus allowing her to achieve her ultimate goal of being free of her programming and giving herself freewill.

After Fitz and the others, with the exception of Mack, escape the Framework, Fitz finds AIDA spellbound by the fact she now has real emotions and a real heartbeat. May tries to shoot AIDA, but AIDA teleports out with Fitz.

In "The Return," AIDA teleports Fitz to a beach house identical to the home he had in the Framework universe. However, Fitz becomes distressed when he learns AIDA promised Ivanov he could kill Coulson and the others after she obtained her new body; Fitz quickly tries to teach AIDA what empathy is and encourages her to save them.

First, AIDA teleports aboard Ivanov's submarine and threatens to kill him if he kills Coulson and the others, but Ivanov refuses her demands as even if she destroys this body he has more LMDs. AIDA then teleports Fitz and Mack aboard Zephyr One, but AIDA and Fitz are both immediately knocked unconscious by Simmons using an ICER.

When Fitz and AIDA wake up, they find themselves in the containment room of the S.H.I.E.L.D. base. Fitz tells AIDA how he doesn't expect Simmons to forgive him for the terrible things he did in the Framework and now his future with Simmons is dead. AIDA tries to comfort Fitz, but Fitz says "there isn't room in my heart for two people" and says he still loves Simmons.

Suddenly, AIDA is overwhelmed by feelings of betrayal and shock and orders Fitz to lover her. However, Fitz reminds AIDA that in the real world she can't control everyone. AIDA then attempts to teleport out with Fitz, but fails due to a quantum field disruptor inside the containment room. A team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents then quickly grab Fitz and leave, but AIDA blasts the walls of the room with lightning thereby destroying the disruptor and allowing her to teleport out.

AIDA goes after Fitz, killing several S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and U.S. army soldiers along the way, but Fitz escapes with the others aboard Zephyr One.

Later, AIDA goes to see Ivanov and the two agree to work together and form a new plan: first, they kill Fitz and the others and then they remake the real world so that it becomes just like the Framework with them controlling everything and everyone.

In "World's End," Robbie comes to take the Darkhold and briefly fights with AIDA and Ivanov. AIDA blasts Robbie with electricity, but learns it's ineffective against Ghost Rider. Before Ghost Rider kills her, AIDA teleports out. Later, AIDA notices that the burn on her hand Ghost Rider gave her isn't healing.

After Fitz and the others return to the base to set a trap for AIDA, AIDA teleports in and threatens to kill Simmons. Fitz pleads with AIDA to let her go and promises to leave with her, but as AIDA tortures Simmons he tells her about their plan to send her through the transdimensional arch to another dimension. AIDA then kills Simmons and teleports out. However, the Simmons she killed was only an LMD.

AIDA then attempts to take the Darkhold from Coulson, but it stopped by the real Simmons who repeatedly shoots her. After AIDA heals, Coulson transforms into Ghost Rider and ensnares her with his chain.

AIDA tries to escape by teleporting, but Ghost Rider only teleports with her. Ghost Rider then burns AIDA to ashes and kills her.

Powers Edit

After AIDA downloaded her mind into an organic body, she gained several powers:

  • Teleportation: Identical to Gordon's power, AIDA can teleport herself and anyone touching her to any place in the world.
  • Electrokinesis: Identical to Lincoln's power, AIDA can generate huge amounts of electricity and blast targets with streams of lightning.
  • Healing: Identical to Vijay Nadeer's power, AIDA is near immortal and almost instantly heals from any wound.

Prime Directives Edit

  • Protect the Framework
  • Protect Dr. Radcliffe
  • Protect S.H.I.E.L.D. agents
    • AIDA's first two directives supersede the third; therefore if a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent becomes a threat to the Framework or Radcliffe she's allowed to kill them if necessary.

Trivia Edit

  • AIDA's appearance is designed after a woman named Agnes Kitsworth, an ex-girlfriend of Radcliffe.
  • According to Fitz, AIDA's new body make her neither human nor inhuman.
  • The reason AIDA became romantically involved with Fitz in the Framework was to understand the feelings Fitz has for Simmons.