Adam Cross was a pillar of the community in Wrigley, Pennsylvania, a teacher, baseball coach, troop leader and volunteer firefighter who, as Skye put it, made "Captain America look like 'The Dude'. He was part of the fire crew who took a truck to New York to help out in the wake of the Battle of New York; he and his fellow firefighters brought back a souvenir - a Chitauri helmet, which sat gathering dust. Unfortunately, on one slow shift, three of the men, including Adam and Tony Diaz, decided to polish their trophy up, and released a virus which caused a build-up of energy within them, an accumulation which resulted in an electrostatic discharge of great power, killing the host. Adam was leading a group of boys on a camping trip when he was overcome by the infection, and his body left suspended in mid-air. Sadly, Jemma Simmons, in the course of her analysis of the body, came into proximity, and was mildly shocked and contaminated.


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