Biography Edit

Early History Edit

Androvich worked for the KGB as an assassin before being promoted to general and becoming Russia's Minister of Defense.

Parting Shot Edit

Androvich was present at a meeting between Gideon Malick and Petrov, a fellow Russian cabinet minister, when he discovered the prime minister's personal attaché was coming to shut down the "sanctuary" they were attempting to build for Inhumans in Siberia. Androvich killed the attaché and was then promptly restrained and imprisoned by Petrov.

Later, however, Malick suggested to Petrov that they could use Androvich to assassinate the prime minister and thereby make Petrov the new prime minister. They then released Androvich and informed him of their plan, but, before he could perform the assassination, May attacked and Bobbi separated Androvich from the others. However, Androvich left his shadow to fight her, while he went to assassinate the prime minister.

Before Androvich could fulfill his mission, Bobbi shot Androvich, and once he died his shadow disappeared.

Powers Edit

  • Darkforce Manipulation: Darkforce is a kind of cosmic radiation and is composed of pure negative energy. Androvich's shadow is a kind of living mass of Darkforce energy that can separate from Androvich and seems to have a will of its' own. Androvich's shadow can change from a solid to a vapor and can pass through solid objects.

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