Season 3
Episode 22
Airdate May 17, 2016
Written by Jed Whedon
Directed by Kevin Tancharoen
Previous "Absolution"
Next "The Ghost"

"Ascension", being the last episode in the third season, reveals the true identity of Hive and fulfills the vision Daisy Johnson had carried since Charles Hinton's revelation.

Plot Edit

Hive brought Daisy into Zephyr One and planned to blow up a warhead mid-air turning the human population into his minions. Coulson attempts to go alone to stop it, but with the commitment of other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents-including the Inhumans-they come along as well. A hologram was used as a decoy stalling Hive. Hive was successfully stalled and the rest of the team infiltrated the Quinjet to stop the launch. Daisy realized she is seeing the omens of a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent's death including a Christian necklace and a jacket embossing S.H.I.E.L.D.'s logo, and she happens to be in possession of all these. She told Lincoln about it and her intention to atone for what she did while being under Hive's sway by taking the warhead to the Quinjet and flying it into outer space and he attempts to stop her from doing it. He secretly takes the necklace and it also turned out he wore the exact coats Daisy was wearing the whole time. After a confrontation and fight between the Hive and Daisy over the warhead onboard the quinjet, Lincoln reveals the ominous possessions he slipped away from her and initiates the pod ejection pushing Daisy out of the way first; Lincoln Campbell sacrificed himself for Daisy Johnson to give her a second chance. Hive is too trapped inside with him and they peacefully accept their fate, with Lincoln having saved Daisy from being sacrificed and Hive wishing death would come to him eventually.

In the stinger, taking place some time in the future, Coulson's team appears to be chasing Daisy. She makes contact with Hinton's wife and daughter and then she vanishes, successfully avoiding apprehension. Daisy demonstrates vastly increased control over her powers, and Coulson speaks of some other (unidentified) person as "the Director".