The Assault on Odin's Palace was an attack on the palace of Odin Borson in Asgard that was launched by Malekith the Accursed in an attempt to kidnap the Midgardian Jane Foster.


Awoken by the presence of the Aether as it bonded with Jane Foster, the Dark Elf Malekith hid a stone of magical magma inside the abdomen of his warrior Algrim, who he then sent into battle in order for Algrim to be captured by the forces of Asgard. Taken prisoner, Algrim was then delivered by Fandral and Volstagg to the dungeons below Odin's palace, where he extracted the magma stone and crushed it in his hand, transforming into the indestructible Kurse.

The AssaultEdit

Kurse broke free of his cell and killed two guards before releasing the rest of the prisoners with the exception of Loki Laufeyson, though Loki still chose to advise Kurse to use "the stairs to the left." The soldiers of Asgard, including Fandral and Volstagg, quickly responded and were joined by Thor Odinson, who left the visiting Midgardian Jane Foster in his mother's care. Frigga then armed herself before retreating to her own chambers with Foster, while Odin assigned a unit of soldiers to protect the weapon's vault and another to provide support to Thor, Fandral and Volstagg in the dungeons.

With Odin's soldiers occupied quelling the dungeon prison break, a cloaked Dark Elf stealth fighter approached the city. Sensing the ship, Heimdall rushed from his observatory and scaled one of the Bifrost's main suspension cables, leaping from the top of the tower onto the invisible ship and deactivating its cloaking capabilities by breaching its hull with a pair of longknives. He then disabled the ship, leaping to safety as the ship crashed across the Bifrost; moments later, Malekith's warship appeared above the observatory and released a squadron of three more stealth fighters.

The fighter crafts quickly navigated the city, avoiding Asgardian laser-cannon fire before engaging a platoon of Asgardian skiffs in a dogfight. Two skiffs and one fighter were destroyed in the skirmish as Heimdall returned to the observatory to remotely activate a generator within Odin's Palace in an attempt to raise the shield around the building, and a second fighter was destroyed when it crashed into the shield. Inside the Palace, Kurse ascended from the dungeons, slaughtering guards as he made his way to the shield generator, which he proceeded to destroy, deactivating the magical defenses around the palace to allow the final stealth fighter clear passage. The fighter proceeded to dodge laser fire before crashing directly into the palace's royal hall.

A platoon of Dark Elves emerged from the fighter, engaging a unit of Asgardian soldiers with laser-rifles and singularity grenades. Malekith then entered the fray, using a singularity grenade to destroy Hlidskjalf, the Throne of Odin, before leaving the skirmish to search out Frigga's chambers, where he discovered Frigga and Foster. Frigga ordered Malekith to stand down and he refused, demanding that Frigga turn over Foster to him. Frigga responded by attacking Malekith, disarming him, and nearly defeating him before she was overpowered by Kurse. Malekith then ordered Foster to relinquish the Aether, though he quickly discovered that Foster was actually a projected image. Frigga refused to reveal Foster's location, and was promptly stabbed to death by Kurse.

Moments later, Thor arrived, blasting half of Malekith's face with lightning before Kurse and Malekith escaped in a waiting stealth fighter; Thor hurled his hammer at the fighter, but it and Malekith's warship dematerialized. Odin then arrived and tended to his murdered wife as Thor and Foster looked on.


Frigga received a Norse funeral, during which her life-force was returned to the universe. Malekith was placed in a rehabilitation pod, though he retained blackened scarring on half of his face. Among the prisoners who escaped during Kurse's rampage was Lorelei, who later used one of Loki's secret portals to travel to Midgard.


"Yes Men" (mentioned)

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