Audrey Nathan is a key component of 'the story so far', being the reason Phil Coulson can empathize with Mike Peterson about the joys of a 'normal life'.

Audrey is second chair cellist with the Portland Symphony, and the only love Coulson has spoken of. He's mentioned her to the team, and even to "Pepper" Potts and Tony Stark in The Avengers. Tony Stark brought her up to Cap when Loki skewered Coulson and he was pronounced dead during the Assault on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier.

Coulson himself spoke of her to Ward on their way to contact Laura Hayward at the University of Ohio, and it was this that got back to John Garrett, a.k.a. The Clairvoyant. Whilst releasing Marcus Daniels and aiming him at Audrey, Garrett remarks that "This should keep Coulson busy for a while.". This is because Audrey was the focus of Daniels' obsession, and his stalking of her was what brought Coulson and her together in the first place. A S.H.I.E.L.D. team under Coulson captured the Darkforce-wielding Daniels by overloading him with energy, specifically light.

Audrey's own life was clearly derailed by Phil's 'death', and it's an ongoing source of pain to him that they cannot be together.

As Coulson and May's relationship evolves, Audrey fades as a topic.


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  • Agent Phil Coulson - Coulson was previously Audrey's lover, however, his public "death" made continuing the relationship an impossibility.


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