The Backscatter X-Ray Eye Implant is a piece of technology first seen in "Eye-Spy", and used as a monitoring and control device by the Centipede Group.

History Edit

The Backscatter X-Ray Eye Implant was likely developed by Centipede, and was used to see through the wearer's point of view. Akela Amador had this same Eye Implant, and was forced to do Centipede's bidding or die via a fail safe located within the eye. Later, Mike Peterson was equipped with the Implant, and also had to do whatever Centipede ordered, or die.

In "The Bridge", Coulson's team fought a team of three Centipede soldiers all who had the eye implants. Furthermore, the implants have been upgraded from Amador's model so that now Skye can't hack into them.

In "End of the Beginning", Mike receives a package containing a gauntlet which attached itself to his forearm. Mike learns this gauntlet is a rocket launcher and it also downloaded targeting software into his implant.

In "Beginning of the End", it's shown Cybertek now controls about 20 Centipede soldiers each with an eye implant and each with an assigned handler. Some of the handlers are volunteers while others are there because of Cybertek's "incentives program" where Cybertek holds a member of their family prisoner like Mike's son Ace.

After Coulson kills Garret, the military comes in and arrests all the super soldiers. Also, Skye releases Ace and all the other people Cybertek was holding prisoner. After being arrested, all the super soldiers had their eye implants removed and without regular injections from the Centipede serum they lost their super strength.

Abilities Edit

  • When a subject closes their eyes, the implant gives them x-ray vision and night vision.
  • If a subject disobeyes their handler then the implant delivers an electric shock which Amador described as like an "electric migraine".
  • If a subject is captured and becomes a liability then the handler can explode the implant thereby killing the subject.
  • A handler communicates with their subject through the implant via text messages.
  • If anyone besides a subjects assigned handler tries to give them an order than the implant explodes.

Known SubjectsEdit

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