The Berserker Staff is an ancient Asgardian weapon left behind on Earth centuries ago by an Asgardian soldier. The original wielder broke the staff into three pieces and hid them around the globe, knowing of its corruptive and seductive power. The Berserker Staff was first mentioned and seen in the "The Well".


The Staff is made from rare type of metal, which presumably can't be found on Earth, and was the weapon of choice for Asgard's Berserker Army. Berserkers were said to have battled like raging beasts and a single berserker had the strength of twenty normal Asgardians.

The Berserker Staff came to Earth in the 12th century, when a war party from Asgard came to fight in an unspecified campaign.

When the soldiers returned to Asgard, the staff remained with the one Asgardian who stayed behind. The Asgardian, who would eventually take the name Elliot Randolph, had become a pacifist; and feared the dark magic of the staff falling into the wrong hands.

To prevent this, Randolph broke the staff into three pieces and hid them all throughout Europe: one in a tree in Norway, one in a crypt in Spain, and one in a church in Ireland.

In 2013, a Norse Paganist hate group found a manuscript with directions for finding the staff and located the piece in the Trillemarka National Park in Norway. Afterwards, going on a rampage through Oslo, injuring twenty people in their wake and burning the words "we are gods" into the street. This started a race between the paganists, Randolph and S.H.I.E.L.D. to locate the various parts.The race came to a head in Ireland where S.H.I.E.L.D. confronted the paganists and took the recombined staff into their possession.[1]

The staff is reacquired from the "Toy Store" section of the Fridge by Ward in "Providence", presumably for HYDRA use.

May employs the reacquired staff in "Beginning of the End" to literally bring the house down when the team are attacked by HYDRA supersoldiers in a basement.


Any who touch the staff receive an adrenaline rush burst of super-strength fueled by the wielder's inner rage and hatred. Afterwards, the wielder will feel fatigued and require sleep. In humans, however, the psychological after-effects of confronting one's inner rage and hatred could takes decades to overcome, at least in the vast majority of cases.


  • 'Berserk' comes from the Old Norse 'berserkr' with the 'serkr' being a sark, or armored shirt, and the 'ber' coming either from the bjǫrn (bear) or berr- (bare/naked) root. It is often said to be the channeling of the bear's ferocity which gives the berserker his unmatched strength and savagery.
  • The runic inscription on the center portion reads "INSPIRE" "RAGE"


"The Well"Edit

"Providence" / "Ragtag" / "Beginning of the End"Edit


  1. The Well

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