Early Life Edit

Little is revealed about Hayward's early life other than he was a US military officer that was stationed in Afghanistan for three years. After he returned home from active duty, he disappeared and dropped off the grid, this was presumably when he was recruited by the Centipede Group.

As with all Centipede super-soldiers, Hayward spends the majority of his time between missions hooked up and monitored, since the use of the serum places massive strain on the subject's body. It it this vital and expensive support that is a great part of the group's urgent desire to move to 'Phase Three'.

Centipede Super-Soldier Edit

At the beginning of the episode, Brian is seen leading a team of fellow super-solders on a mission to break Edison Po out of prison. He has a sister, Laura, who is a sophomore at the University of Ohio, studying psychology of women. In order to find Hayward and by extension Centipede, Agent Ward approaches Laura telling her that he's from the Ohio State Gaming Commission and they're looking for Brian as he has just won the lottery. Laura, however, doesn't believe Ward's ruse and immediately calls Brian as soon as Ward leaves.

Coulson traces the call to an abandoned factory in Oakland, California, Centipede's most recent hideout as, in order to stay ahead of S.H.I.E.L.D., they only remain in one location for a few days at most.

Coulson's team breaks into the factory only to find Hayward and the other super-soldiers lying in wait. During the fight between the team and Mike Peterson against the 'supersoldiers' Hayward is knocked down, and Raina, fearing he may compromise their project, activates the explosive eye implant, killing him. He is the second person in the series to die this way, after the Englishman.



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