Pilot 1080p 216
Location The Bus
Affiliation S.H.I.E.L.D.
Type Isolation unit or extra bedroom made from Vibranium aboard the Bus
Status Destroyed (with the Bus)
Season(s) 1
Appearances "Pilot"
"The Well"
"The Bridge"
"The Magical Place"
"Yes Men"
"End of the Beginning"
"Turn, Turn, Turn"
"Nothing Personal"
"Who You Really Are"
"One of Us"

The Cage was an interrogation and safe-room aboard the Bus that was designed to contain powered people.

The Cage was made of a silicon-carbide coated vibranium alloy and was shown to be strong enough to withstand a punch from an Asgardian like Lady Sif.

The roof of the Cage was equipped with an airlock that, when opened, would eject the prisoner from the plane.

In "Repairs," after Simmons became infected with an alien virus from a Chitauri Helmet, Fitz put the helmet in the Cage and equipped the Cage with magnetic shielding to make sure the electric virus couldn't get out and infect anyone else.

In "Who You Really Are," in order to protect her friends from her new powers, Skye locks herself inside the Cage and begins living in it.

In "The Dirty Half Dozen," Coulson and the team went on a mission to infiltrate a Hydra base; part of Coulson's plan was to let Hydra shoot down the Bus thereby having them believe Coulson and the others were dead when really they had all already boarded the quinjet moments before the Bus' destruction. Hydra didn't shoot down the quinjet because they thought it was just debris from the Bus.

The Cage was destroyed along with the rest of the Bus.

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