Camilla Reyes is a comandante with the Policia Militar del Peru, and a former associate of S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Phil Coulson. She proves, however, to have an extremely dangerous agenda of her own.

During HYDRA's raid on the Fridge she, among others, was freed with the use of the 0-8-4. Garrett did this to have something to keep Coulson busy.

She and Coulson first met in 2002. Comandante Reyes is the first person in the show, apart from Fitz, to reference HYDRA, speaking of how former Nazi scientists fled to South America.


  • "0-8-4" - turns against Coulson while on plane and attempts to take his team down for possession of the 0-8-4. 
  • "Providence" - is briefly seen among all the prisoners freed by Garret from the Fridge.


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