"This serum strengthens the cytoskeleton within each cell of your body. One dose, and you'll feel incredible."

The Centipede serum is a chemical mixture created by the Centipede Group using a combination of the Extremis serum, created by A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics), and the Supersoldier Serum created by Dr. Abraham Erskine during World War II. The serum was administered through the Centipede injector device and provides superhuman abilities to human subjects. Oddly, despite the Centipede Serum containing the Extremis Virus in its chemical composition, it did not give any of its host the original extremis-regenerative abilities, but instead provided its hosts with an unstable regenerative ability. Mike peterson was incapable of regrowing any amputated body parts or heal extensive bodily damage, as the original Extremis could.

Before the Extremis in the serum would cause its user to explode after a certain period of time, but the Centipede Group was able to correct this flaw (based on FitzSimmons' work with Mike Peterson) in "Girl in the Flower Dress" by using Chan Ho Yin's fire resistant blood platelets.

When John Garret's cybernetics could no longer keep him alive, he started using the Serum to prolong his life. However, his body was so weak already that the Serum didn't give him any super-human strength or endurance and couldn't keep him alive indefinitely. Garret later combined this serum with GH.325 to allow him to stay alive, by granting Garret a strong healing factor. Unlike before this did allow him to have super strength and rapid regenerative abilities. The GH.325 however caused Garret to go insane.


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