Dr. Werner Reinhardt is a Hydra agent who was caught by Peggy Carter. He was obsessed with an alien artifact he called the Obelisk which he saw as a weapon he could to use to take over the world with. He was the main antagonist for the first half of season 2.

History Edit

1945 Edit

In Austria, Reinhardt began his first experiments with the Obelisk. He would force people to touch it and then time how long it would take them to die. All of his test subjects died except for a Chinese woman named Jiaying; when she touched the Obelisk she didn't just survive, but made the Obelisk glow. This fascinated Reinhardt, but he then suddenly received the news that the Red Skull has been killed by Captain America and the Allied Powers forces were coming. Reinhardt ordered his men to put Jiaying in a cage and be prepared to move.

At another Hydra base, Reinhardt and his soldiers are preparing to retreat when Agent Carter and the Howling Commandos burst in and take control of the base. They arrest Reinhardt, take the Obelisk, and free all of Hydra's prisoners. Reinhardt's base was the last one the S.S.R. knew of which meant Reinhardt's defeat signaled the fall of Hydra.

From Austria, Reinhardt was taken to an S.S.R. base called "The Rat" where he was interrogated by Carter. Reinhardt offered to work for the S.S.R. as part of Operation: Paperclip, but Carter refused to give him a second chance. For his allegiance to Hydra, Reinhardt was sentenced to life in prison.

1989 Edit

Reinhardt spent 44 years in "The Rat", which had been converted into a S.H.I.E.L.D. prison, until Alexander Pierce granted him compassionate release due to is failing health. However, one of the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents escorting him out of the prison reveals he's actually an undercover Hydra agent and informs Reinhardt they've found Jiaying.

Reinhardt learns Hydra wasn't destroyed like he thought and has actually been operating in secret for decades. The Hydra agents take him to his old lab in Austria where he sees Jiaying and is shocked to learn she hasn't aged. Reinhardt then begins experimenting on her to discover what the cause of her eternal youth is; he transplants her organs and blood into his own body which seemingly causes his body to age backwards by decades.

Reinhardt later changed his name to Daniel Whitehall and adopted an American accent.

Hunt for the Diviner Edit

In "Shadows", Whitehall has Carl Creel steal the Obelisk from a government warehouse, but before he can hand it off to Bakshi S.H.I.E.L.D. attacks and in the confusion Raina steals the Obelisk.

In "Making Friends and Influencing People", the episode opens with Whitehall and Bakshi brainwashing an immobilized Agent 33. After Bakshi leaves, Whitehall continues to torture Agent 33 for days until, by the end of the episode, 33 is seen working for Hydra as a loyal servant to Whitehall. Also, at the end of the episode, Bakshi informs Whitehall about his failure to capture Donny Gill and how he wants to give Simmons a promotion as she proved her loyalty to Hydra on their mission.

In "Face My Enemy", Whitehall sends Bakshi and Agent 33 to steal a painting which has symbols carved on the back that match the symbols on the Obelisk. However, Bakshi calls Whitehall to inform him Coulson and May are also after the painting; Whitehall sees this as an opportunity, however, and orders Bakshi to capture Coulson and then force him to tell them everything he can about S.H.I.E.L.D. Bakshi fails in his mission, however, and May and Coulson both get away with the painting.

At the end of the episode, Whitehall approaches Raina and tells her she has 48 hours to bring him the Obelisk or he'll kill her. Also, Whitehall stresses that there's nowhere she can hide where he won't find her.

In "A Hen in the Wolf House", Whitehall creates a kind of poison that has the same effects as the Obelisk, in that it turns people to stone, by analyzing the remains of the Obelisk's victims and tests it by poisoning the champagne at a wedding party. Eight people at the party who were poisoned died, six of which were naval sailors and part of an anti-Hydra unit, but Whitehall was disappointed that his poison didn't kill more people. During a meeting of Hydra scientists, Whitehall asked Simmons directly what went wrong and she tells him if they had the Obelisk they'd be better able to replicate it's effects which pleases Whitehall to hear.

After it's revealed Simmons and Bobbi are actually both undercover S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, Whitehall begins to move his base as S.H.I.E.L.D. now knows where it currently is. Also, at the end of the episode, Cal barges into Whitehall's office and attacks two Hydra soldiers when they try to force him to leave. Cal then shows Whitehall the Obelisk, which Cal refers to as the Diviner, and tells Whitehall he'll teach him how to survive it if Whitehall helps him kill Coulson.

In "The Things We Bury", Cal explains to Whitehall that the Diviner isn't a weapon, but more like a key that unlocks the temple inside the alien city. Also, according to Cal, if one of these "special people" takes the Diviner to the temple "something much, much cooler" will happen. Whitehall asks Cal if he'd take the power inside the temple for himself, but Cal assures him that he only wants to kill the people that destroyed his family. Ward, later, visits Whitehall saying he'd like to work for him and Whitehall accepts Ward's offer as his knowledge of Coulson's team will be useful.

In "Ye Who Enter Here", Whitehall sends Agent 33 and a team of Hydra agents to British Colombia to abduct Raina; Whitehall wants to use Raina to unlock the temple in the alien city because he knows she's inhuman. Raina is able to get away though with help from Billy and Sam. Whitehall is still able to track Raina, however, due to the tracer S.H.I.E.L.D. put on her earlier; a fleet of Hydra quinjets surround the Bus and Whitehall warns them that if they don't hand over Raina then they'll destroy the Bus.

At the end of the episode, Agent 33 meets with Whitehall to inform him Ward has Raina, but he also took Skye which wasn't part of his mission. Furthermore, Ward didn't destroy the Bus which infuriates Whitehall to hear. Whitehall then orders 33 to fix the problem and she then orders the other quinjets to shoot down the Bus.

In "What They Become", Whitehall talks to Raina, Ward, Cal, and Skye together. First, Whitehall asks Ward why he took Skye and he says it was to make sure the Bus didn't shoot down his jet as he was making his escape. Whitehall believes he took Skye for another reason, however, and then orders Skye to pick up the Diviner. She does and the Diviner begins to glow; Skye then kills a Hydra soldier with it and Cal stabs another in the neck with a scalpel. Agent 33 then points a gun at Skye and Raina takes the Diviner from her. Whitehall then comments how he remembers now that Cal is Jiaying's husband and Skye is his daughter. Also, Raina comments how Ward betrayed Whitehall because he's in love with Skye. Whitehall then has his agents knock out Cal and put Ward and Skye in handcuffs.

After Cal wakes up, he finds Whitehall standing over him and tries to attack him, but Whitehall stops him by shocking him. Whitehall then mocks Cal by telling him how he's going to experiment on Skye and he wants Cal to watch while he does it, but Whitehall becomes distracted when he hears Coulson and his team invading the building.

After Cal escapes, he finds Whitehall and is moments away from killing him when Coulson shoots Whitehall in the back. Cal then screams at Coulson, furious because now he can't take his revenge; Agent 33, later, finds Whitehall's body and panics as she doesn't know what to do now that Whitehall is dead.





"Discovery requires experimentation."
―Werner Reinhardt espousing his mantra for science[src]