The Darkhold is an ancient and legendary book that, according to legend, gives whoever reads it, infinite knowledge. It's also been referred to as a book of spells and a book of sins.

According to Coulson, Nick Fury, Dr. Whitehall, and the Red Skull all looked for the Darkhold, but none of them ever found it.

History Edit

The exact origins of the Darkhold are unknown, but it originates from the same dimension Ghost Rider comes from.

Early History Edit

Dr. Lucy Bauer and her husband, Dr. Joseph Bauer, traveled the world and spent years searching for the Darkhold. They eventually found the Darkhold buried in the basement of the current owner's family's home. Furthermore, they also learned that the book's current owner obtained the Darkhold by killing it's previous owner.

When they first opened the book, the pages were blank, but words and pictures began to materialize as they flipped the pages. Lucy saw the words in English, but Joe saw them in German, possibly because German was his first language.

Using knowledge from the Darkhold, Lucy and Joe founded Momentum Alternative Energy Labs with the goal of building a "quantum particle generator," a machine that can create new matter by channeling energy from other dimensions. They hired Dr. Elias Morrow, an electrical engineer, along with several other scientists to help them build the generator.

When they tested their prototype generator, it created a brick of pure carbon demonstrating the experiment was a success. The group then began work on a full-scale generator that could create more complex matter. However, Joe grew increasingly more secretive and refused to let anyone else see the book.

At some point, Joe changed the goal their experiment; instead of creating a machine that generate new matter, Joe wanted the power for himself. However, Elias learned about Joe's goal and decided to take the power before Joe could. To this end, Elias experimented on Lucy and the other scientist, but his experiments only resulted in Lucy and the other scientists getting stuck between dimensions or being turned into "ghosts."

After what happened to Lucy and the others, Joe changed his mind about the Darkhold and buried it in the same basement he and Lucy originally found it in. When Joe refused to tell Elias where the Darkhold was, Elias beat him into a coma.

Recent History Edit

After Lucy and the other ghosts escape from their prison, they begin a desperate search for the Darkhold. Believing the book holds the secret for returning them to their physical forms.

In "Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire," Lucy wakes Joe from his coma and forces him to tell her where the Darkhold is.

In "Lockup," Lucy retrieves the Darkhold, but realizes that in her current state the Darkhold's pages remain blank to her. Lucy and the other ghosts then break Elias out of prison and Lucy forces him to read the Darkhold for her.

In "The Good Samaritan," Elias learns from the Darkhold that the reason his first experiment failed was because he couldn't generate enough power.

Later, S.H.I.E.L.D. finds the power plant where Lucy took Elias and storm the facility to rescue him. When Coulson and May find the Darkhold, Coulson gives the book to May and tells her to take it somewhere safe.

In "Deals with Our Devils," May shows Dr. Radcliffe the Darkhold, hoping that the book will help Radcliffe find someway of returning Fitz and Coulson after they both disappeared when Elias activated his machine.

However, Radcliffe takes one look inside the book, is immediately overwhelmed by the books information, and quickly closes it. AIDA then volunteers to read the book and May argues they should let her since AIDA is an LMD with a brain that can process more information faster than a humans.

When AIDA opens the Darkhold, binary code appears on the books pages. The Darkhold shows AIDA how to build a transdimensional arch which she uses to return Fitz and Coulson to this dimension.

In "Broken Promises," AIDA attempts to steal the Darkhold, but is stopped by Mack who decapitates her before she can leave the base. Later, it's revealed, however, AIDA was following Radcliffe's orders the entire time and Radcliffe wants the Darkhold because he's convinced it can make him immortal.

In "Hot Potato Soup," it's revealed that Coulson gave the Darkhold to Billy because, according to Coulson, he's an expert at making things disappear. However, Radcliffe and the Watchdogs abduct Billy and learn where he hid the Darkhold by using the Framework to read his mind.

Inside the Labyrinth, a secret S.H.I.E.L.D. vault where Billy hid the book, Coulson gives May the Darkhold only to learn she's an LMD created by Radcliffe. A fight between the Watchdogs and S.H.I.E.L..D. ensues and, in the chaos, Radcliffe steals the Darkhold.

In "World's End," Robbie returns with the intent of killing AIDA and taking the Darkhold back to the dimension where it came from.

At an international inquiry into S.H.I.E.L.D., Ivanov tells the other delegates, including Gen. Talbot, that S.H.I.E.L.D. is a malevolent organization that creating an inhuman army. Ivanov then pulls out the Darkhold and encourages the other delegates to read it as the Darkhold showed him how they can exterminate the inhumans and stop S.H.I.E.L.D.

Ivanov is interrupted, however, when a Daisy LMD sent by AIDA bursts in the room and shoots Gen. Talbot. Coulson, Robbie, and May arrive and a shoot-out starts between them and Ivanov. Afterwards, Coulson steals the Darkhold.

Later, Coulson and the others use the Darkhold as bait to lure AIDA into a trap, as AIDA knows the Darkhold could show them how to kill her, where Ghost Rider incinerates her.

At the end of the episode, Robbie opens a dimensional portal and takes the Darkhold back to the dimension it came from.

Properties Edit

  • The contents of the Darkhold seem to change depending on the reader. Possibly the book, fulfills the readers greatest desire.
  • The language the words in the Darkhold are written in change depending on the reader. For example, Lucy saw the words in English, but Joe saw them in German, which was his first language.
  • For some reason, the pages remained blank when Lucy tried to read the book while in her ghostly form. Possibly because she was trapped outside this dimension.

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