Dwight Frye was an Inhuman working with Lash.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

He was born March 21, 1977 in Cedar Rapids Iowa.

He worked for the information technology department of the Social Security Administration as a computer programmer and IT expert.

Post-Terrigenesis Edit

After Frye went through terrigenesis and his powers awakened, he was in constant pain saying that it felt like his skin was on fire and a jackhammer was in his head. However, every time Lash killed another inhuman, Frye's pain lessened. Lash gave Frye a list of inhuman names and had him use his connections at the SSA to track them down. Frye would send Inhumans an email embedded with a virus that would tell Frye their locations when they opened it and then he would tell Lash who would hunt them down and kill them.

After Daisy discovered the virus on the computer of one of Lash's victims, the ATCU checked and all of Lash's victims had the same computer virus. Daisy was then able to trace the source of the virus to Frye's computer and the ATCU and S.H.I.E.L.D. quickly arrested him. However, Lash attacked the armored car the ATCU was transporting Frye in and Lash killed him before Frye could tell them Lash's human identity.

Powers Edit

  • Inhuman Detection: Whenever Frye gets close to another Inhuman, he gets a horrible migraine and rash. However, his power is overly sensitive to the point where every time a new Inhuman goes through terrigenesis somewhere on Earth his pain gets worse and will only get better if another Inhuman dies.

Appearances Edit

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