Edison Po was a former Marine tactics and command specialist working for the Centipede Group.

He dropped off the grid in 2008, but reappeared in 2012 when he stabbed a man's eyes out at a diner and then proceeded to finish his meal; it's revealed that Po killed this man because the victim was trying to learn the identity of the Clairvoyant.

In "Girl in the Flower Dress", Raina visits Po in prison to inform him they're ready to take the"project" to stage two and she asks him to touch base with the Clairvoyant to check if he has any insight about stage three. Poe says "the Clairvoyant doesn't like to be touched" and Raina says "we all have to do things that make us uncomfortable, if we are ever to get our toy soldiers off the shelf".

In "The Bridge", at the beginning of the episode, a team of Centipede super soldiers break Po out of prison. Later, Raina meets Po at a warehouse where she informs him they have to keep moving to stay ahead of Coulson's team and Po suggests they bring to fight to them.

Po and Raina watch through the soldiers eye implants Coulson's team fight the soldiers at the warehouse. When it looks like their soldiers may lose the fight, Raina orders them to retreat and detonates Hayward's implant as he was captured. Raina comments how Mike is working with Coulson and still has his super strength; Po says Mike may be the key to taking the project to stage three.

Later, after Po finishes a phone call with the Clairvoyant, Raina asks what he's like and Po says that if she asks him that question again he'll have to kill her.

In "The Magical Place", after Raina abducts Coulson, Po uses the memory recall machine to force Coulson to remember how he was resurrected. However, Raina tells Po she would never use force to get what she wants, but he scoffs at Raina and tells her he's following the Clairvoyant's orders. Po's phone then starts vibrating and it's the Clairvoyant calling. Po tells him Coulson hasn't told them anything yet and then Po tells Raina the Clairvoyant wants to talk to her. Raina takes the phone and briefly talks to the Clairvoyant then hands the phone back to Po. As soon as Po puts the phone to his ear it begins humming, his skin turns blue, and drops to the floor dead.


Po is precise and fastidious, even fussy in many things. He refuses to make his jailbreak until his rescuer addresses him as 'sir', for example. He appears to have a sociopath's detachment from the pain of others, seeing the infliction of such as a technical, almost cerebral exercise.


Behind the scenesEdit

  • Po is played by Cullen Douglas. He shows clear psychopathic and sociopathic traits.