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Biography Edit

Early History Edit

Elena had a clerical job at a museum and is an art student. When Elena went through terrigenesis, she believed her power was a gift from God and she was meant to use it for good.

Season ThreeEdit

Bouncing Back Edit

Main article: Bouncing Back

Elena used her super speed to steal a shipment of guns from a police transport. Mack, Daisy, and the others were sent to investigate and Elena kidnapped Mack thinking he was a cop when she saw him at the crime scene. While rescuing Mack, Daisy also captured Elena and brought her back to the quinjet to interview her. Since Elena only spoke Spanish, Joey explained to Elena how she's an Inhuman and how S.H.I.E.L.D. only wants to help her. Elena explained that she stole that shipment of guns because the local police are corrupt and she planned on destroying the guns she stole to save lives.

Later, the corrupt police killed Elena's cousin, Francisco, to send a message to her and they abducted Hunter and Bobby. Elena helped Daisy and the others rescue Hunter and Bobby from the police, but during the fight she became paralyzed when she accidentally looked into the eyes of an Inhuman police officer.

Afterwards, Daisy offered Elena a place on their team, but Elena declined, citing that Colombia was her home. Mack gave Elena a watch to communicate with them and told her to call them if she needs help or they need her help.

The Team Edit

Main article: The Team

Daisy contacts Elena explaining how Coulson and the others have been taken prisoner by Hydra and she's assembling the Secret Warriors (herself, Elena, Lincoln, and Joey) to rescue them. After boarding the jet, Daisy explains how the Hydra base is underground and their plan is to first parachute in and then get close to the base using the service wells. From there, Daisy will use her vibration powers to bust into the base.

After getting inside, the Warriors split up and Joey and Elena board an elevator. When they step off, they find a squad of Hydra agents ready to shoot them. Joey melts their bullets and Elena uses her super speed to tie them up.

The Warriors successfully rescue Coulson and the others and capture Malick, also. However, back at the base Malick warns Coulson Hive has the power to brainwash Inhumans and anyone of the Secret Warriors could already be working for him. Coulson then orders the base on lock-down and orders May and Mack to put Daisy and the others in quarantine until they can tell if any of them have been brainwashed.

Later, Coulson learns someone killed Malick and believes Lincoln is the killer after they find the Kree Orb inside his backpack. However, it's revealed Daisy is the real mole and she framed Lincoln and killed Malick. Before Daisy leaves the base, she steals the orb and used her powers to bust the hydraulics on the hangar doors so they couldn't follow her with the jet. Elena informs Mack she will no longer answer to 'Yo-yo' as she is led away by other agents.

Emancipation Edit

Main article: Emancipation

After the events of Captain America: Civil War, the United Nations puts the Sokovia Accords into law which require all Inhumans to be registered by the government.

Elena makes a brief visit to the base while Coulson's giving a tour to Gen. Talbot. Coulson has Elena demonstrate her super speed for Talbot.

At the end of the episode, Elena tries to raise Mack's spirits by giving him her necklace and asking him to keep the faith.

Absolution Edit

Main article: Absolution

Elena joins Mack, Lincoln, and May on a mission to capture Hive and stop him from detonating a warhead which would spread Radcliffe's pathogen across the world. Elena and Lincoln both agree to wear special vests filled with miniature explosives and if either them get brainwashed by Hive Mack will detonate the vest and kill them.

May and Lincoln put in the kill code to stop the missile launch while Elena and Mack work together to assemble the Hydra memory machine as a trap for Hive. As soon as Hive is in position, Lincoln activates the machine which causes Hive to be overwhelmed by the memories of all his past hosts. While Hive is distracted, Elena rescues Hive's hostages.

Ascension Edit

Main article: Ascension

James and Giyera detonate a pathogen bomb inside the base which transforms dozens of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents into Primitive Inhumans. Mack goes to secure the armory, but the Primitives get to it first and one tries to shoot him. Elena uses her super speed to redirect the bullets, but misses one which penetrates her abdomen.

Mack carries Elena to his workshop and barricades the door. Lincoln takes care of Elena, but says unless the seal the wound then she'll bleed to death and they don't have any medical supplies. Radcliffe then suggests they cauterize the wound shut with a blowtorch and Elena says she wants Mack to do it.

Later, when Simmons asks what happened Elena says "Mack lit me on fire."

Season FourEdit

The GhostEdit

Main article: The Ghost

In order to provide cover for a off-the-books search for Daisy, Mack and Coulson travel to L.A. to check up on Elena. Elena takes the opportunity to push Mack to ask her out again, and works out why they are really there. When she leaves S.H.I.E.L.D.'s company, she hops on a bus - where she makes contact with Daisy. Elena tells the younger woman about the hunt for her, and points out that "Everyone gets attached to something eventually", an idea Daisy almost aggressively rejects.

Powers Edit

  • Super Speed: Elena can run at speeds over 300 miles per hour. However, she can only run in the time it takes her heart to beat once, and when that heartbeat is complete she automatically returns to the same spot where she started.

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