"Take a deep breath. Calm your mind.... Compliance will be rewarded."
―Brainwashing trigger phrase.[src]

The Faustus Device is a machine used by HYDRA to brainwash individuals and force them to comply with HYDRA directives.

Known SubjectsEdit


  • Presumably named for Johann Fennhoff, the self-designated "Doctor Faustus" and "Master of Men's Minds". In the comic, he is a long-standing enemy of Captain America. In the MCU, he was part of the Leviathan, and through his hypnosis, was able to brainwash indidviduals to do his bidding. When he was captured by SSR during season 1 finale,he ended up sharing a cell with Armin Zola, hinting at his possible involvement with HYDRA and thus this device.

In this specific case, an argument could be made for it reflecting Doctor Faustus' own line in Marlowe's original 16th century play - "If this be Hell, I'll willingly be damned."

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