Ghost Rider is the name used for a number of supernatural Marvel heroes, although the one who concerns us is Robbie Reyes. He is the fourth Ghost Rider.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Reyes and his younger brother Gabe Reyes both lived with their uncle Elias Morrow.

When Reyes was a teenager, he dropped out of high school and got a job working at an auto-body shop to help pay the rent.

Reyes became the ghost rider when the Fifth street Locos attacked one night when he and Gabe were driving to a car race. Several rounds fired by the gangsters hit Reyes, causing him to lose control of the car.

Reyes was thrown through the windshield. He begged God to save Gabe and promised to do anything if Gabe survived. Reyes died when he hit the pavement. In his mind, he heard a voice that asked if he wanted to punish those that hurt his brother if he wanted to avenge his own death. He answered yes.

A man riding a motorcycle with a flaming skull for a head (possibly Johnny Blaze) rode up next to the crashed car. Gabe later refers to him as The Good Samaritan that pulled him out from under the car. He then touched Reyes, transferring the spirit of vengeance into him

Reyes, as Ghost Rider, took his vengeance by killing every member of the Fifth Street Locos he could find. However, the spirit of vengeance prompted them to seek vengeance for other people as well, and he began killing other criminals, feeding the spirit's hunger for vengeance.

As he went further down the road of killing the gangsters, he found out that the gangster was meant to kill his uncle Morrow, and that they were hired by Morrow's boss, Dr. Joseph Bauer.

The Ghost Edit

Johnson is fighting hunting down gang affiliates of the Watchdogs in LA. The ghost rider arrives in his car and slaughters the two members of the Aryan Brotherhood while Johnson watches in horror. The third member he takes captive.

Later, Reyes is seen torturing the skinhead in a garage. The gangster informs Reyes about instructions given by the Chinatown Crew. He gives an address to a warehouse where they were supposed to drop off a box. Reyes searches the warehouse but comes back emptyhanded. Reyes returns to the garage and kills the gangster by ramming him into the wall with his car.

Johnson finds the junkyard where Reyes works and asks for a guy who drives a black '69 Dodge Charger (the Ghost Rider's car). However, when Reyes realizes she's looking for him, a fight ensues. Having not transformed into the Ghost Rider, Reyes is overpowered, and Johnson lists all the seemingly innocent people that he killed. Reyes not only states that they all deserve it, but that he's "not the one that decides", and the Spirit of Vengeance takes over. Enraged, he knocks a shelf over on Johnson, who holds it up using her powers. When Johnson pleads for him to kill her, the Ghost Rider leaves.

Meet the New Boss Edit

Johnson visits the auto-body shop Reyes works at claiming there's a problem with her van. While Reyes looks under the hood, he threatens her to leave. When they're alone, Johnson tells Reyes he's Inhuman and tries to warn him about the Watchdogs. Reyes denies the fact and claims his powers come from the Devil.

Ghost rider fighting daisy23

Reyes with a flaming car muffler

A fight occurs, but due to Johnson's fractured bones, she's overpowered by Reyes, who knocks her unconscious.

When Johnson wakes up, she finds herself restrained and Reyes going through her things. During this time, they discuss Lincoln Campbell's death and Johnson's death wish. When Reyes leaves to investigate Momentum Labs, Johnson breaks free.

Reyes intervenes with an attempt made by one of the ghosts to blow up the lab. The vengeance spirit takes over and he burns them. Agents Fitz and Mackenzie are there when this happens. When S.H.I.E.L.D. tries to bring Reyes in, Johnson intervenes. She leaves her former mates behind and agrees to work alongside Reyes, who believes that the ghost sightings and the Watchdogs are somewhat connected to him.

Uprising Edit

Reyes gives Johnson a ride and explains to her how his uncle Morrow used to work at Momentum. Morrow is currently in prison for beating Joseph Bauer into a coma, but Morrow claims he has done nothing wrong other than justice. An EMP caused by the Inhuman Resistance causes a blackout, causing all electronic to shut down. The two are not affected as Reyes's car was made before 1980 and thus has no electronics.

Reyes goes to pick up his brother when he sees some thugs trying to rob him. Johnson and Reyes quickly fight the criminals and then take Gabe back home. Reyes leaves, however, to go check on the auto-body shop for fear looters might break in during the blackout. Before he leaves, he asks Johnson not to tell Gabe about Ghost Rider. The next morning, Gabe tells Reyes Johnson left while he was sleeping.

Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire Edit

Mack and Philip Coulson visit Morrow in prison and questions him about Momentum labs and his former colleague Lucy Bauer, questions which he refuses to answer.

As they are leaving the prison, Mack sees Reyes in the parking lot and recognizes him; this prompts a car chase between Reyes and the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. The chase ends when Reyes crashes his car into the Cloak Quinjet and gets knocked unconscious.

When Reyes wakes up he finds himself in the containment module aboard Zephyr One. Coulson decides to trust Reyes, however, and lets him out. Coulson tells Reyes they both want answers and his uncle has them, and they plan to have Reyes get them. Coulson threatened to kick Reyes off board Zephyr One while still in flight if he refused.

Reyes visits Morrow, with Coulson monitoring. Morrow informs Reyes about Lucy and the experiment they were doing at Momentum. Furthermore, according to Elias, Lucy and the other scientists died in an accident caused by Joe, Lucy's husband and the man Elias assaulted. Coulson then interrupts their conversation and tells Reyes to get back to the plane.

Johnson reaches out to Jemma Simmons, who patches her up and agrees to help her. Together they find out that the Watchdogs are targeting James/Hellfire. They go to check on him, destroying his watch that has a GPS inside it. After this, Hellfire is revealed to be helping the Watchdogs targeting Inhumans. A fight ensues, and the enemy outnumbers them, Johnson and Simmons are forced to retreat. They hide in a storage room.
James Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider vs. Hellfire

Using one of the bombs that he has made, Hellfire exposes the two and attempts to use the hellfire chain to kill them. Reyes arrives and catches the flaming chain in mid-air. He then transforms into the Ghost Rider.

A fight ensues and James quickly learns that his bombs have no effect on Ghost Rider. Their fight eventually leads them to the fireworks store next door; During this time, Johnson and Simmons meet up with Coulson, Mack, and Fitz outside. Ghost Rider's fire ignites the bombs and the entire building explodes. Reyes drags a chained up James out of the fire and hands him over to Coulson.

Lockup Edit

Coulson and Melinda May go to the prison Morrow is in, only to realize Lucy and the other ghosts have been there and infected the prison guards, driving them insane. Mack, Johnson, and Reyes infiltrate the prison to rescue the guards and Morrow. Mack and Reyes get attacked by two of the ghosts, but Reyes burns them to ashes.

They find Morrow, and as they're escorting him out of the prison, Reyes spots a prisoner with a tattoo indicating he's a member of the Fifth Street Locos. Reyes goes to his cell and tells the man how his gang put Gabe in a wheelchair, but the prisoner claims someone hired them to do it. Reyes then transforms into Ghost Rider and burns the prisoner alive.

The Good Samaritan Edit

Johnson brings Gabe aboard Zephyr One for fear Lucy may come after him to use him as leverage against Elias. After seeing Reyes, Gabe deduces that the secret Reyes has been keeping from him is he's a secret agent.

Jeffrey Mace boards the Zephyr on a Quinjet and informs Coulson he's come to arrest Johnson and Ghost Rider/Reyes. Mack hides the Johnson, Reyes, and Gabe inside the containment module. While hiding, Reyes tells Gabe the truth about how he's Ghost Rider. Reyes says he got revenge for both of them, but Gabe tells Reyes he never asked Reyes to kill all those people.

Mace finds them and orders Coulson to take the Zephyr back to base, but Fitz barges in and mentions he's found Lucy and Elias. Reyes then demands to be let out of the module. When his orders are not obeyed, he transforms into Ghost Rider, and breaks the door down. Ghost Rider and Mace fight, but Gabe begs Reyes to stop when he sees that Mace is about to be killed.

After arriving at the power plant where Elias and Lucy are, they encounter Lucy. Reyes stays to fight her while the others rescue Morrow. However, Lucy explains to Reyes how Morrow is the real villain; Morrow was the one who turned her and the others into ghosts and Elias went with Lucy just to get the Darkhold. After listening to her story, Reyes kills Lucy.

At the end of the episode, an energy wave released by Morrow machine causes Reyes, Fitz, and Coulson to disappear.

Deals with Our Devils Edit

The others fear Reyes, Coulson, and Fitz are dead, but really they've become trapped between dimension and no one can see, hear, or touch them. Fitz described the energy wave that hit them as friction created by two dimensions coming into contact with each other through Morrow's machine. Furthermore, their situation is temporary as it won't be long before they all completely cross over into the other dimension.

Fitz, Reyes, and Coulson return to Zephyr One. Reyes is in pain and manages to squeeze out "he won't go," referring the spirit of vengeance refusing to be pulled into the other dimension. Suddenly, Reyes starts levitating and the spirit exits Reyes's body and possesses Mack who then rides off on a motorcycle. Johnson takes Reyes's car, drives after Mack, and Reyes stows away in the passenger seat.

Mack ghost rider

Mack transforming into Ghost Rider

Reyes and Johnson follow Mack to a warehouse controlled by the Chinatown Crew, who work for Morrow. While Johnson is fighting the gangsters, Reyes pleads with the Ghost Rider. Reyes still wants vengeance, but Ghost Rider tells Reyes he got his vengeance when he killed every member of the Fifth Street Locos. However, Reyes says that doesn't matter as long as Morrow goes unpunished. Johnson then interrupts them prompting Mack to fully transform into the Ghost Rider.

Meanwhile AIDA is creating a transdimensional Arc to bring back Coulson and Fitz after reading the Darkhold

Reyes pleads with Ghost Rider and promises that if he helps him get his revenge for what Elias did then he'll become the Ghost Rider forever. Ghost Rider then transfers the spirit of vengeance back to Reyes thus returning Mack to normal and making Reyes the Ghost Rider again. Later, Reyes returns to this dimension using the transdimensional arc that AIDA created.

The Laws of Inferno Dynamics Edit

S.H.I.E.L.D. learns where Elias is from the Chinatown Crew; he's in a warehouse in Los Angeles with a small army of gangsters and other criminals he allied with in prison.

Coulson teams Reyes up with Yoyo and Quake; Yoyo scouts ahead using her super-speed, but accidentally sets off a booby trap set by Elias causing the entire hallway to catch fire. Reyes goes ahead of the others since fire doesn't hurt him; Reyes finds Elias and the giant power cell he's made. Reyes attempts to transform into Ghost Rider, but Elias stops him by impaling him with a spike. Reyes asks Elias why he's doing this and Elias begins ranting about how people have always been underestimating and looking down on him, but this machine he's built will make him a god. Furthermore, his endgame is to destroy the entire city with the bomb he's made and then recreate it using his power.

Coulson arrives with the rest of the team, including Mace, who begin fighting Morrow's henchmen. Yoyo forces Morrow into the power cell and places a powerful magnet on his chest which keeps him from escaping. Reyes transforms into Ghost Rider and Coulson throws him a chain in an attempt to pull him out of the cell, but Ghost Rider lets go of the chain and instead reaches for Elias.

Morrow, his machine, and the Ghost Rider are all pulled through a portal to another dimension created by AIDA's transdimensional arc as Ghost Rider burns Morrow alive.

World's End Edit

Reyes returns to this dimension using the transdimensional arc that AIDA created in "Deals with our Devils", retrieves his car, and goes after AIDA and the Darkhold.

Reyes destroys several of the Ivanov LMDs, but AIDA escapes with the Darkhold. Johnson finds Reyes and he explains how when AIDA created her organic body and made herself human there was some kind of tear in the alternate dimension Reyes was trapped in which allowed him to escape. Furthermore, Ghost Rider wants to destroy the Darkhold and AIDA as the book and AIDA's body are made from the same material which the Rider is drawn to.

Later, AIDA and Ivanov attack Gen. Talbot using a Johnson LMD. Reyes and Johnson destroy all the LMDs, but AIDA escapes again by teleporting. However, they were able to steal the Darkhold from her.

Coulson and Reyes devise a plan to kill AIDA; they return to the base and use the Darkhold as a bait to lure AIDA in. When AIDA arrives, Coulson transforms into Ghost Rider and burns her to ashes with the Hellfire chain.

Afterwards, the spirit of vengeance returns to Reyes thereby turning Coulson back to normal. Coulson, however, is aware of the details of the deal that Reyes made with the Spirit of Vengeance, just as Reyes knows what truly drives Coulson, and so the two men agree to keep one another's secrets on this front. Reyes opens a portal to the dark dimension and says he's taking the Darkhold "someplace safe".

Powers Edit

  • Pyrokinesis: Reyes has the power cause objects or people he's touching to catch fire. Ghost Rider's fire attack was the only thing that could hurt Lucy Bauer and the other ghosts. Furthermore, one of Ghost Rider's victims mentioned, "they say when the Rider burns you, he burns your soul and a soul can never heal," which is why the wound the Rider gave him wouldn't stop bleeding.
  • Super-Strength: When Reyes is Ghost Rider, he has mystically enhanced super-human strength as demonstrated by how he was able to punch his way out of the Containment Module, even though Fitz said that's not possible. He subdued Jeffrey Mace with little effort. (The Marvel wikia lists him as in the 'up to 25 ton press' strength category)
  • Healing Factor: Reyes mentioned that when he's Ghost Rider he has accelerated healing power; Reyes said he's been shot, stabbed, and run over before, but each time he'd wake up completely healed and unharmed.He is also not killed by Eli Morrow's carbon spikes, as seen in The Laws Of Inferno Dynamics.
  • Near-Invulnerability: He is almost invincible due to him being a supernatural entity.
  • Transformation: He is able to transform into a more powerful form. His abilities exponentially increase while he is in his demonic form. His skin and living tissue burn off into ashes but regenerate when he transforms back.
  • Combatant: He is a highly skilled fighter, being able to go toe-to-toe with Johnson and even an entire street gang, with each ending in his victory.
  • Portal Generation: At some point, while Reyes was trapped in the dark dimension, he learned to create portals between dimensions by using his Hellfire chain.

Paraphernalia Edit

  • Ghost Rider's Car: Reyes drives a black '69 Dodge Charger which he inherited from his uncle after Elias went to prison. When Reyes is Ghost Rider, his car's engine and tires catch fire. Furthermore, while Reyes is Ghost Rider his car repairs itself from any damage and seems to have a degree of invulnerability, as demonstrated by how it was undamaged after taking a direct hit from a rocket launcher.
  • Hellfire Chain: After defeating Hellfire, Reyes stole his signature flaming chain and began using it as his own weapon of choice. It displays an almost symbiotic relationship with him, wrapping bandolier-fashion around his body when not in use.

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