Giyera was an Inhuman

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Early History Edit

Giyera was born June 9, 1972 in Oahu, Hawaii.

He enlisted in the marine corps in 1990 and was stationed in Somalia with a peace keeping task force. He was reported missing-in-action in 1994 and was presumed dead. This is possibly when he joined Hydra.

He was discovered alive in Mogadishu with the cause of his disappearance labeled classified. In 1999, he was removed from active combat duty and honorably discharged. He then started his own private security firm.

In 2009, Giyera began working for the A.T.C.U. and was in charge of Gideon Malick's personal security.

Current History Edit

In order to create more Inhumans, the A.T.C.U. exposed each of their employees, including Giyera, to a diluted form of terrigen which caused him to go through terrigenesis.

In "Many Heads, One Tale", Giyera makes a brief appearance when he fights with Bobbi and Hunter in the A.T.C.U. building. He and Bobbi are evenly matched until Hunter knocks him out with a fire extinguisher giving them the chance to escape.

In "Closure", Giyera kills Banks with his own gun and captures Fitz-Simmons. At the Hydra base, Malick orders Giyera to torture Simmons until she tells him how she was able to return from Maveth. However, Fitz agrees to tell Malick what he wants if he agrees to stop hurting Simmons.

In "Maveth", Giyera made another brief appearance when he tried to shoot Daisy, but Joey jumped in front of the bullets at the last second, learning then he had the power to melt bullets. Lincoln then knocked out Giyera with electric shock.

In ""Bouncing Back" Giyera becomes one of Hive's minions.

In "The Inside Man" Giyera and several other Hydra agents capture Lucio and he too becomes a minion for Hive. Later, Giyera and Lucio bring 5 humans for Hive. Hive reduces the five humans to skeletons and restores Ward's corpse to full strength.

In "Watchdogs", Giyera meets with Felix Blake at the end of the episode to receive the item Hydra stole from the ATCU storage facility before the Watchdogs destroyed it.

In "Spacetime", Giyera is seen with Malick throughout the episode, but at the end of the episode Malick calls asking where he is and how he should be at his side at all times. Giyera looks to Hive and says he's right where he's supposed to be. Giyera also notes there was fear in Malick's voice.

In "Paradise Lost", Giyera's leads a team of armed men on a raid of GT Agrochemical, a subsidiary of Transia Corp which Malick recently took over. Giyera and his men steal lab equipment and download all of the facility's research before wiping all the computer's memory and burning all the facility's files. Coulson and a S.H.I.E.L.D. team search the facility to find what Giyera stole and fight ensues between Giyera and May. However, Coulson trapped them both in a room with no objects for Giyera to movie forcing him to fight May hand-to-hand. May knocks out Giyera and they capture him.

Later on the jet, while Giyera's inside a containment chamber, Giyera thanks S.H.I.E.L.D. for helping Hydra bring Hive back to Earth and says those who are worthy will inherit a brave new world. Giyera later escapes from his cell and hijacks the plane with Coulson and the others captured.

In "The Team", Giyera lands the jet inside an underground Hydra base and has a squad of Hydra agents imprison Coulson and the others. However, Daisy and the Secret Warriors (herself, Joey, Elena, and Lincoln) invade the base and rescue them. Giyera tries to stop them, but Daisy knocks him out with a shock-wave.

In Absolution, Giyera stands by Hive's side as he attempts to launch a weapon that will turn millions of people into Primitives but SHIELD stops it in time. Giyera and Hellfire attempt to calm Hive down after he was tortured by a machine. Giyera and Hellfire release the formula which turns several SHIELD agents into Primitives in the Hanger. Although Fitz and 2 random SHIELD agents manage to escape the Hanger in time, 28 agents are turned into Primtives.

In "Ascension", Giyera goes to eliminate Daisy in the containment unit and finds Fitz with her. The young scientist informs Giyera that he has hidden devices too kill the Inhuman onboard, and without him Giyera will be taken out by them. Fitz slowly puts up his hands, then spins around with some manner of cloaked or similar gun, and shots Giyera dead. Fitz notes before the fatal shot the Giyera's inhumanity is nothing to do with his being Inhuman.

Power Edit

  • Telekinesis: can move non-biological objects with his mind

Trivia Edit

  • Fitz installed handprint scanners in the team's guns so only they can fire them. This way Giyera won't be able to shoot them with their own guns, which is how he killed Banks.
  • "Giyera" translates to "war" in Filipino.

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