Gravitonium is an extremely rare element that distorts the force of gravity within itself, causing it to take on an "undulating, amorphous shape." Additionally, when an electric current is applied, gravitonium solidifies and those gravity fields erupt randomly, changing the behavior of gravity around it. Until recently, the majority of scientist didn't believe Gravitonium existed as a significant mass of it had never been discovered.


Gravitonium is a recently discovered element whose existence and applications were first theorized by Dr. Franklin Hall. Dr. Hall was able to theorize the element's effects on gravity, and was possibly the only scientist that could determine how to control the distorted gravitational field produced by the element for use on other objects. As part of his theories about gravitonium, Hall also designed a theoretical machine that could stimulate the element in a way that would allow the element's power on gravitational fields to be harnessed.

After years of searching several mines across the world, an actual store of gravitonium was discovered by Dr. Hall's former associate Ian Quinn, head of Quinn Worldwide. Quinn wished to use the element for his own personal gains and began building miniature gravity field generators based on Hall's designs. Quinn later kidnapped Hall himself so that he could unlock the secrets behind using the new element.

As it turns out, Hall had wanted to get kidnapped so he could destabilize the Gravitonium and prevent Quinn from using it. The plan would have worked, but also would sacrifice the whole compound, which Phillip "Phil" Coulson could not allow. Therefore, he shot the glass under Hall, dumping into the Gravitonium, which apparently stabilized it. Hall seems to still be alive inside the Gravitonium.

The only known mass of Gravitonium was obtained by HYDRA operatives Grant Ward and John Garrett during an attack on the Fridge and given to Quinn. Neither Ward nor Garrett seem to know Hall is inside the element.[1]


Gravitonium possesses unique gravitational properties. A mass of gravitonium atoms distorts gravity fields within itself, giving any amount of gravitonium a blob-like shape. However, when stimulated by an electrical current, the mass of gravitonium will solidify into a uniform sphere, and cause powerful gravity fields to emanate outwardly from it.

These gravity fields cause changes in the rules of gravity in various ways within a certain proximity of it. This can range from phenomenon such as levitating objects by reversing the pull of gravity or increasing gravity and shifting the direction/point of attraction.[2]





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