Hannah Hutchins is a highly conscientious, deeply religious safety inspector in Batesville, Utah.

Repairs Edit

She was responsible for checking a local Particle Accelerator Facility, where an explosion occurred that killed three people. Residents blamed Hannah for the consequent loss of life and serious injuries, a situation exacerbated by the 'weird stuff' that began to happen around her - including the 'poltergeist' attack on a shopkeeper who harassed her, and the driverless car which attempted to run down a mob who were trying to run her out of town. Hannah is shot and sedated by Agent May, in order to defuse the increasingly volatile confrontation. Back on The Bus, the team discover that Hannah believes herself to be suffering a punishment from God, specifically haunting by demons. Numerous strange and dangerous moments seem to back her up, until Jemma Simmons finally encounters the true cause of the disturbances, a worker from the factory, Tobias Ford, who was trapped between dimensions by the explosion. Tobias had a crush on Hannah, and performed what he believed was minor, inconsequential sabotage on his own equipment so that Hannah, as the safety inspector, would have to come and visit. Tobias's actions were directly responsible for the explosion and its manifold repercussions.



  • Her S.H.I.E.L.D. profile lists her as 'Single', and states 'KL 477 STATUS: NULL'.

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