Inhumans are an offshoot of the human race, deliberately created by the Kree, who spliced their own DNA with that of early humans.

No two Inhumans have identical powers and there's no known way to predict what power an Inhuman will receive after they experience terrigenesis.

Inhumans only receive their powers after they are exposed to the terrigen mist and go through terrigenesis.

According to Lincoln, each Inhuman is given a power meant to fulfill some kind of evolutionary need and create equilibrium within the species.

Origin Edit

Thousands of years ago, an extraterrestrial race known as the Kree were fighting a long war against an unknown alien race. The Kree needed more soldiers thus groups of Kree began exploring under developed worlds and began experimenting on their inhabitants. For the most part these experiments failed, but on Earth the Kree found human DNA to be more receptive.

Kree Reapers would abduct unsuspecting and primitive humans and experiment on them. The Kree would combine their own DNA with human DNA in order to force rapid and variable mutations. The Kree referred to their test subjects as Inhumans.

The Inhumans, however, rebelled against their creators and drove the Kree off Earth. The Inhumans that exist today are all descendants of the Kree's original test subjects.

Legend Edit

Dr. Whitehall and Raina both mentioned a legend that told the origin of Inhumans from humanity's perspective. Raina's grandmother use to tell her this story when she was a child.

Long ago, a star fell from Heaven and from that star emerged the "blue angels" who brought with them a gift for all mankind. The Diviner was meant to guide "the worthy" to the temple where they'd receive their gift.

Culture Edit

Jiaying was the leader of a society of Inhumans that lived at Afterlife, a sanctuary for Inhumans she created with other elders.

At Afterlife, Jiaying trained and evaluated each Inhuman before choosing which one of them would be allowed to experience terrigenesis.

After going through terrigenesis, a Transitioner is chosen and they'll help the now powered Inhuman adjust to the physical changes brought on by terrigeneis and help them discover what their unique power is. Next, a Guide is selected who'll help the powered Inhuman learn to control their power.

Post-Outbreak Edit

After a crate of terrigen crystals fell into the ocean the terrigen was mixed in with Earth's natural ecosystem and thereby began causing Inhumans all over the world to experience spontaneous terrigenesis.

The A.T.C.U.'s solution to the problem was to put every inhuman that has gone through terrigenesis in a stasis pod, similar to putting them in a medically induced coma, until a method of turning them back into ordinary humans is discovered. S.H.I.E.L.D.'s solution to the problem was similar to Jiaying's as they want to teach Inhumans how to use their powers.

With the passage of the Sokovia Accords, all Inhumans are required by law to register themselves with the government.

In "Uprising," the Watchdogs caused a series of blackouts in cities around the world. The blackouts were a distraction and while the cities were dark the Watchdogs hunted and killed Inhumans. S.H.I.E.L.D. was able to restore power to all the cities, but a total of 17 Inhumans were killed by the Watchdogs.

Primitives Edit

Hive forced Dr. Radcliffe to create a pathogen, made from Kree blood, that would transform any human exposed to into what Radcliffe referred to as a "Primitive."

Primitives possess peak-human strength and can only see in infrared. Primitives lack intelligence, but they do possess knowledge of skill they had when they were human. For example, the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents Hive turned into Primitives knew how to use guns and were aware of the layout of the base.

Each Primitive is controlled by Hive, similar to how Hive controls other Inhumans, and will instinctively protect Hive if he's attacked.

After Hive was destroyed, Radcliffe, Fitz, and Simmons began working on a way to turn the Primitives back into the humans they once were.

Inhumans and mutants in the comics Edit

In the mainstream Marvel Comics stories (Earth-616), mutants and Inhumans have both existed on Earth for a very long time, but unlike mutants, they by far are more common e bootyspecies. Mutant abilities are linked to a genetic mutation in ordinary humans that can be passed on through families or occur at random in the population. Conversely, Inhumans were fewer in number and originally belonged to isolated communities. They were genetically engineered from experiments on early humans in order to fully express humans' latent powers but must go through a special process (Terrigenesis) to access those powers.

In the 2010s, a comic book storyline caused a worldwide terrigenesis event, meaning any human with traces of Inhuman lineage received their Inhuman powers; the terrigen gas is also poisonous to mutants. Since then, there has been a drastic increase in the number of Inhumans.

Very few characters are both mutants and Inhumans. At one stage, the all-powerful character the Beyonder was explained as being an Inhuman mutant: a genetic rarity which accounts for his overwhelming abilities, but this was later shown to be false. Another character, Luna, is the daughter of Quicksilver (a mutant) and Crystal (an Inhuman) and is officially the first child to be born to the two offshoots of humanity. Her mutant and Inhuman genes supposedly canceled each other out, but when her father exposed her to the terrigen mists, she developed empathic abilities.

Due to licensing issues, mutants cannot be depicted explicitly in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, several characters with inborn special abilities who are not Inhumans have been shown, and a subclass of these are "gifted": people with natural superpowers. Such people, featured on The Index, were reportedly very rare in number.

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