Jakob Nystrom is the leader of the Norse neo-pagan/anarchist group which goes in search of the Berserker Staff in "The Well". He and Petra Larsen, his girlfriend, track the first segment to a tree in the Trillemarka national park in Norway, where Jakob proceeds to free the section using a chainsaw. The couple go on the rampage in Oslo, burning the message "WE ARE GODS" into the street. He later accosts Professor Elliot Randolph and 'reclaims' the second segment, which the professor had just spirited out of the catacombs beneath Seville in Spain. His final journey takes him to Ireland just ahead of the S.H.I.E.L.D. team, where he takes possession of the last segment in Ireland. However, he uses one part to stab Professor Randolph, and gets embroiled in a battle with Agent Ward which he loses. After Agent May takes down Petra, she reassembles the staff and wields its full berserker fury.


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