James is an inhuman with the power to cause any object he touches to explode or catch fire.

He is a member of the Watchdogs.

Biography Edit

Early History Edit

James is a former Australian mercenary and a demolitions expert.

When Jiaying discovered James was an Inhuman she invited him to live at Afterlife, but, after she discovered James had broken into her private archives, she banished him from Afterlife and forbade him from going through terrigenesis. Before he left, James was ranting about the "second-coming" of some ancient Inhuman that could raise the dead.

Paradise Lost Edit

Lincoln tells Daisy and the others he may know of someone who can tell them more about Hive. Daisy and Lincoln then leave for the Badlands of South Dakota where James has been living off the grid since Jiaying banished him.

When Daisy and Lincoln first arrive, James assumes Jiaying sent them both to kill him. Daisy then explains how her mother is dead and Afterlife had been destroyed to which James rejoices in. Lincoln then tells James they came for what James stole from the archives. At first James refuses to help them, but Lincoln then offers him a terrigen crystal which would finally allow to experience terrigenesis.

James then explains to them how most of what he stole from Jiaying was junk, but he did find a metal orb that was very interesting. According to Jiaying's records, the orb belonged to the Kree and Hive stole it from them when he led the inhuman uprising against them. However, the other Inhumans were so afraid of Hive's power they used the Monolith to banish him to Maveth and stole the orb from him. After hearing this, Daisy and Lincoln take the orb without giving James the crystal claiming he doesn't deserve to have powers.

The Singularity Edit

Daisy and Hive visit James when Hive realizes that the orb James gave Daisy and Lincoln was only half of the machine. At first James refuses to help them, but then Daisy breaks a terrigen crystal inside James' trailer which causes him to go through terrigenesis.

After emerging from his cocoon, James says it feels like his insides are on fire and anything he touches spontaneously explodes. Hive then infects James with his parasites and James immediately gains control of his powers and becomes loyal to Hive. James then tells Hive the rest of the Kree machine is buried underneath his trailer and Daisy uses her powers to unearth it. Before leaving, James booby traps his trailer with explosives that almost kill Coulson and May later.

Mack fights with James in Bucharest when Hive attempts to abduct Dr. Radcliffe. James has the upper hand during the fight, but Mack escapes when he uses James' power against him and causes a liquor bottle to explode in his face, thereby creating a distraction and allowing Mack to get away.

Failed Experiments Edit

James makes a brief appearance in the episode; May goes undercover as a Hydra agent and tricks James into revealing that Hive is trying to turn humans into inhumans. Afterwards, May knocks James out.

Emancipation Edit

James is first seen acting as bait to lure in a team of Watchdogs who Hive then captures. They take the Watchdogs back to their base where Radcliffe tests his pathogen on them and turns them into Primitive Inhumans.

Later, when Lash attacks the base and cures Daisy, James kills Lash by impaling him through the chest with his chain. Daisy then knocks James out with a shockwave and flies away aboard a quinjet.

Absolution Edit

After Hive is taken prisoner by S.H.I.E.L.D., James and Giyera detonate a pathogen bomb inside the S.H.I.E.L.D. base which turns dozens of agents into Primitives who then free Hive.

Ascension Edit

Hive takes control of Zephyr One with the plan of detonating the warhead containing the pathogen once the plane has reached a high enough altitude. James asks Hive if Daisy is with them again, but Hive explains they're taking her with them only to insure S.H.I.E.L.D. won't shoot down the plane.

After Coulson and the others get aboard the Zephyr, Lincoln briefly fights with James who is knocked out by a punch from May. However, a bomb James made explodes on top of Lincoln seriously injuring him.

Season Four Edit

As soon as Hive died, James was freed from Hive's mind control, but, in the same way Daisy did, James suffered from painful withdrawal symptoms, as Hive's victims become addicted to Hive's influence. Also, according to Simmons, James' withdrawal symptoms were even more intense than Daisy's.

Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire Edit

Simmons and Daisy visit James at a fireworks store where he works to warn him the Watchdogs are hunting inhumans and they now know where he lives after hacking into S.H.I.E.L.D. computers.

James tells them he has something that could help them fight the Watchdogs in a storage unit and to meet him there later. However, when Daisy and Simmons meet James they're quickly surrounded by Watchdogs and James reveals that he's working with them now.

James then explains how he blames Daisy for him being brainwashed by Hive and he now hates all inhumans, including himself. He is helping the Watchdogs kill every inhuman they can find.

Daisy creates an earthquake to disorient the Watchdogs long enough for them to run away. James, however, catches them and is about to kill them with his flaming chain, but Robbie arrives and catches the chain. Robbie then transforms into Ghost Rider and begins fighting James while Daisy and Simmons escape.

Ghost Rider and James' fight spills over into the fireworks store and ignites one of the fireworks which cause a giant explosion that demolishes the entire building.

Robbie walks away from the explosion, dragging James tied up with the chain behind him and hands him over to Coulson.

Powers Edit

  • Combustion: James seems to generate a kind of energy from his hands that causes anything he touches to explode or catch fire. He uses this power to turn nearby objects into bombs and then throws them at his target.

Paraphernalia Edit

  • Hellfire Chain: James' weapon of choice seems to been a long iron chain which James first sets on fire with his power and then uses like a flaming whip.

Trivia Edit

  • James was inspired at least in part by Junkrat, a character from the multiplayer FPS Overwatch. The two share several quotes with one another, have a similar background (both are Australian explosives experts), and both use explosive croquet balls as a weapon. Writer Matt Owens has stated that this was an intentional homage. [1]

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