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Jemma Simmons
Season(s) 1
First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance
Occupation Biochemist
Affiliation S.H.I.E.L.D.
aka "Fitzsimmons" (when with Fitz)
Status Alive
Portrayed by Elizabeth Henstridge
Counterpart none

Dr. Jemma Simmons is a bio-chemist working for S.H.I.E.L.D. who specializes in life sciences (both human and alien) and is the partner of Agent Leo Fitz, an engineer.


Jemma is usually highly enthusiastic and has a bright personality. She has a deep passion for science. She is also very accepting and forgiving (examples include forgiving Skye for betraying the team in "Girl in the Flower Dress"). Being merciful is another of her traits (examples include not wanting to kill Centipede operatives in "The Magical Place".) Jemma can usually be found bickering with her best friend and partner, engineer Leo Fitz, but they are almost always found together. They are so close, Jemma and Fitz are often referred to as Fitzsimmons, a gestalt entity. Despite Jemma's kind calm nature, she cannot lie. When she tries she always ends up giving herself away, a bad habit. When pressured she panics. She protested in the "Pilot" that she is "not Hermione", but, in "Seeds", Leo claims that she's so smart "because she loves homework more than life itself".


Jemma is stated to be a genius bio-chemist. She is so incredibly talented at her job that she graduated 3 years early and is becoming a star in S.H.I.E.L.D.'s research division. She has more than two PhDs.[1]


Early LifeEdit

A bio-chem genius with two PhDs, Jemma Simmons attended the S.H.I.E.L.D. training academy with her best friend, engineering genius Leo Fitz. Among their instructors were Professor Vaughn[2] and Professor Hall, who taught chemical kinetics during their second year.[3].

Wanting to see more than the inside of a lab, and against the advice of Professor Vaughn, Jemma convinced Leo to seek out a field assignment.

Field WorkEdit

Jemma and Leo were recruited by agent Phil Coulson to be the science crew for a new team he was putting together. Stationed on the Bus, the pair have designed specialized equipment and compounds on the fly in various emergency situations.

Their first foray into the field involved the case of Michael Peterson, a man in danger of exploding due to his use of the volatile Centipede formula. Peterson was saved in part by Jemma's efforts to create a Centipede counter-agent for Peterson. [4]

Jemma first faced danger in the field in Peru, where the team was investigating an 0-8-4. She and the team escaped Peruvian rebels only to face an armed takeover of the Bus. Working with the team, she helped take back the Bus and secure the old Hydra weapon.[2]

While investigating a mysterious death in Pennsylvania, Jemma was infected with a fatal alien virus passed along from a Chitauri helmet. After what appeared to be a final failed attempt at a cure, Jemma threw herself from the Bus in flight in order save her team from the virus' effect. Fortunately for her, the cure was actually effective and teammate Grant Ward caught her in mid-flight, injected her with the antiserum, and parachuted them to safety.[5]

When the team stopped at the Hub, Jemma and Leo were forced to separate when Leo and Grant went into the field. She was shown to fuss over Leo alot before he went, and made him a sandwich. Skye convinced Jemma to help her hack SHIELD, at great risk to Jemma's good-girl reputation. While accessing a wall panel, she was confronted by Sitwell, a superior officer. After many lame excuses and failed sweet talking, Jemma panicked and used the Night-Night Gun to shoot Sitwell in the chest. Coulson managed to get Jemma out of any serious trouble, luckily. The team rescued Leo and Grant with perfect timing, and Fitzsimmons were very happy to be reunited. After Leo bragged about how he had Grant's back, Jemma excitedly told him about how she had shot a superior officer in the chest, only to see his face fall.


Leopold Fitz: Colleague, research partner, best friend (possible love interest)

Phillip Coulson: Colleague and team leader

Melinda May: Colleague

Grant Ward: Friend and Colleague (Before Turn, Turn) - Enemy (HYDRA Agent)

Skye: Friend and colleague

Michael Peterson: Colleague


  • Jemma - "Jewel" in Italian, "Little Dove" in Hebrew.
  • Simmons - patronymic surname derived from the ancient Hebrew Shimon, means "to hearken".


  • Her current ID badge serial number is A 0956307; the card was issued on 5 February 2013, and will expire on 5 February 2018.
  • As of "FZZT", both her parents are still alive.
  • As seen in "The Hub", her birthday is 11 September 1987. It is also revealed that she is Clearance Level 5.
  • Fitz-Simmons named their eight flying gadgets after Snow White and Seven Dwarfs. 00 is Snow White, 01 is Doc, 02 is Sleepy, 03 is Grumpy, 04 is Bashful, 05 is Sneezy, 06 is Happy (07 hasn't yet appeared on screen). (0-8-4


SHD ep 106 336x189 1383696611201
See Jemma's gallery here.


Leo Fitz: The bullets work. Non-lethal, heavy stopping power, break up under the sub-cutaneous tissue-
Jemma Simmons: Oh, with a dose of .1 microliters of dendrotoxin. I'm not Hermione. I can't create instant paralysis with that.


Jemma: [Imitating Ward] I'm Agent Grant Ward, and I could rupture your spleen with my left pinky... blindfolded. [Ward arrives]
Ward: What's going on?
Jemma: Poor silly Fitz, he mistakenly left a dummy round in the pistol. [Hands him the gun] Should be proper now

Phil Coulson: Any idea what could cause an effect like this?
Jemma Simmons: There's the soliton hypothesis.
Leo Fitz: Well, okay, judging by the horizontal...
Jemma Simmons: Perhaps nanobatteries-
Leo Fitz: ...electrical discharge could be-
Phil Coulson: Time. Let's try again. Any idea what could cause an effect like this?
Jemma Simmons: Hell if I know.
Leo Fitz: Uh, no, no clue.

Phil Coulson: What's Fitz doing over there?
Jemma Simmons: He detected a strange energy coming off the body.
Phil Coulson: He's afraid of it, isn't he?
Leo Fitz: It's the smell.
Jemma Simmons: There's no shame in it, Fitz! It's perfectly natural to be afraid.
Leo Fitz: No, the only thing I'm afraid of is putrid decaying flesh corrupting my pristine workspace. (Jemma rolls her eyes) Do you remember the last time you brought a dead thing into the lab?
Jemma Simmons: Oh, not the stupid cat again.
Leo Fitz: The cat, tell him about the cat!
Jemma Simmons: And it's our lab, not your lab
Leo Fitz: You left its liver next to my lunch!
Phil Coulson: Guys! Can we please...?

"The Hub"
Skye: For all we know, Fitz and Ward could be being tortured!
Jemma Simmons: Fitz. Tortured. (pause) What exactly do you have in mind?

Leo Fitz: Enough mission talk. Did anything exciting happen at the Hub?
Jemma Simmons: I shot a superior officer in the chest.

Quotes about herEdit

"FZZT" Coulson: There's only one person on this plane capable of finding a solution for this, and I'm willing to bet my life she will.

"Seeds" Fitz: Well, Simmons is probably smarter, technically, but that's only because she likes homework more than life itself.




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