Wikia Agents - Kree Ambassador
Official Name Kree
Status Unknown
First appearance "Yes Men"
Last appearance "Failed Experiments"
Season(s) 1-3

Kree Ambassador

The Kree Ambassador (Taken from Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki)

The race called the Kree are referenced several times in the series.

Season 1Edit

  • Episode 15 Yes Men has Lady Sif mentions The Kree as being one of several blue-colored races she has met

Season 2Edit

  • Episode 9 Ye Who Enter Here has Raina mention that the Kree landed on Earth in the past.
  • Episode 12 Who You Really Are involves a Kree named Vin-Tak who came to Earth to investigate a signal he correctly feared meant the diviners had been activated and transformed some humans into dangerous weapons.

Season 3Edit

  • In "Paradise Lost", Daisy and Lincoln track down a Kree artifact stolen from Afterlife by a former resident, and designed to combat the extreme Inhuman the Kree intentionally created to lead their Inhuman army. It summons, in "Failed Experiments", Reapers, genetically designed hunter-killers whose sole purpose is to terminate, in this case Inhumans and especially Hive. The Reapers had been in stasis out on the edge of our solar system, and were re-activated by the signal.

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