Kree City
What Become 404
Location San Juan, Puerto Rico
Affiliation Kree
Type Ancient Kree City
Status Flooded
Season(s) 2
Appearances "Ye Who Enter Here"
"What They Become"

The Kree City was an underground facility built by the Kree thousands of years ago. There's a temple inside the city and when a Diviner is brought inside the temple it releases the terrigen mist thereby causing inhumans present to go through terrigenesis.

The City is located in San Juan, Puerto Rico, specifically under the fort of Saint Cristobal. There's a vertical shaft at the fort that leads down into the city and the shaft is located under a sentry tower.

The City seems to have a kind of defense system meant to keep non-inhumans out; when Mack descended into the City he discovered symbols on the floor similar to the symbols on a Diviner, the symbols begin glowing, and then the same symbols began appearing on Mack's body. When the others pulled Mack out, his eyes turned red and he attacked them.

When Raina and Skye encountered Mack in the City, he didn't attack them and instead led them to the temple, suggesting that the City may have some kind of DNA analyzer to tell the difference between humans and inhumans.

In "What They Become," Raina takes a Diviner into the temple in the City and, after she's inside, the Diviner starts glowing, begins to levitate over to the pedestal in the center of the temple, and the door to the temple seals shut. The Diviner then opens up to reveal a terrigen crystal and releases the terrigen mist thus causing Raina and Skye to go through terrigenesis. When Skye emerges from her cocoon and she sees Trip is dead, she uses her vibration powers to create an earthquake which destroys the temple.

In "Aftershocks," after they retrieve Trip's remains, Coulson orders Simmons to demolish one of the City's vertical shafts thus causing the entire underground city to become flooded with ocean water.

Connection to T.A.H.I.T.I. Edit

After Coulson and other patients of T.A.H.I.T.I. were injected with the drug GH.325, they each began to compulsively draw the same symbols over and over again with no idea what they meant. However, after Coulson saw a three-dimensional sculpture of the symbols, he realized that the symbols he has been carving were blueprints of the city.

The drug, GH. 325, was made from the blood of a dead Kree and when Coulson and the other patients were injected with GH. 325 they inherited the Kree's genetic memories, which included an instinctual need to return to the city.

Trivia Edit

  • The San Juan locals won't go near the sentry tower the entrance to the City is located under as they believe it is haunted and call it "The Devil's Sentry"; when the fort was in use, several guards disappeared from the tower and their bodies were never found. It's possible the missing guards found an entrance to the city and became trapped inside or they may have been possessed by the same alien energy that possessed Mack.
  • When Mack was possessed by the alien energy, he had super-strength and was immune to ICERs.
  • Simmons, Fitz, and Trip were able to avoid being possessed by the energy by wearing hazmat suits.
  • Electrical powered devices don't work in the City as evident by how Mack's communicator and Fitz' Dwarf went offline while in the City. Simmons mentioned the cause was an "electromagnetic flux field" being generated by the alien stone inside the city.

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