"I may be retired, but I still have contacts. And my agency hasn't fallen apart."
―May's mother, after obtaining information for May[src]

Lian May picked up her daughter on a road in the middle of Ontario, Canada, after she had set out from Providence Base on her own. She was a retired member of an unknown intelligence agency, and it is implied she is still a member of that community. She seems to have a good relationship with Maria Hill, as she mentions her by first name basis with her and states she is fond of her. The dynamics of her relationship with her daughter have yet to be explored.


Memorable quotesEdit

May's mother: "500 miles, and I don't even get a "thank you.""
May: "I was just about to…"
May's mother: "It's too late."
May: "…thank you."
May's mother: "I said too late."
―May and her mother, after the latter picks her up in Canada[src]

May's mother: "You're not going to take her out, are you?"
May: "No, Mom. I just want to talk."
May's mother: "Good. I've always liked Maria."
―May and her mother discussing Maria Hill[src]


  • Melinda's mother would most likely not share the same last name as her daughter 'May' as wives don't take their husband's last names in Chinese culture.
  • The vehicle she drives in "Providence" is using Pennsylvania license plates.


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