Planet maveth
Location Maveth (planet)
Affiliation Inhumans
Type Planet
Season(s) 3

Maveth is the alien planet where Hive was banished to thousands of years ago.

History Edit

Thousands of years ago, Maveth had a fertile landscape and had a fairly advanced race of intelligent aliens living on it with a civilization consisting of nine separate cities. However, after Hive came to the planet via the portal, he started a war between the separate cities claiming the war happened because the aliens "feared change." The war eventually led to the aliens destroying their own civilization and turning the entire planet into a wasteland.

After Hive was banished to Maveth, a secret society, which later became the modern day Hydra, was formed with the sole purpose of bringing him back to Earth. For centuries, Hydra has been sending people through the Monolith portal to Maveth as offerings to Hive.

In 2001, Gideon Malick convinced NASA to send a team of astronauts through the portal saying the Monolith was the future of space exploration. However, really those astronauts were a sacrifice to Hive. .

In 2015, Simmons gets pulled into the portal and sent to Maveth. She spends a total of six months on the planet, but learns to survive with help from Will Daniels, one of the astronauts NASA sent. Eventually, Simmons learns to predict when and where the portal will open on Maveth by studying the alignment of the planet's two moons. Will and Simmons' first attempt to go through the portal to Earth failed, but later Fitz learns how to open the portal on Earth and rescues Simmons. Will, however, dies distracting the Inhuman so Simmons could escape.

Later, Malick kidnaps Leopold Fitz and Jemma Simmons and forces them to tell him how they returned Simmons to Earth. Fitz shows them how to calculate when and where the portal will open on Maveth and how long it will stay open. Malick then sends a team through the portal, including Grant Ward and Fitz, with the goal of finding the Inhuman on Maveth and bringing It back to Earth. Phillip "Phil" Coulson, also, follows them through the portal to Maveth in order to kill Ward. While on Maveth, Fitz finds who he thinks is Will, only to learn later that it's the Inhuman possessing Will's body.

After apparently killing the Inhuman, Fitz and Coulson leave through the portal leaving Ward behind. However, it's later revealed that the Inhuman is still alive, is now possessing Ward's body, and followed Fitz and Coulson to Earth.

Characteristics Edit

Maveth is barren and desert like with little water and scattered rock formations. There is some plant life but no known animal life on the planet. Geothermal heat keeps the planet warm and may be part of the reason why it's still able to support life. Maveth has an almost perpetual night with the sun only rising once every 18 years and even then day only lasts for a few minutes. Also, scattered across the planet are the ruins of the alien cities and there's a giant stone sculpture of the Hydra symbol partially buried in the sand.

Trivia Edit

  • The name derives from the Hebrew מָ֫וֶת, a term which appears over 150 times in the Torah (the Old Testament), signifying death as a state, a place of death and dying by violent means, among other possibilities.
  • The Monolith portal appears in a different place each time on Maveth. However, the portal actually consistently materializes in the same spot in space while the planet rotates on its axis making it only seem that the portal opens and closes randomly.

Gallery Edit

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