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Ancient History Edit

The exact origins of the Monolith are unknown, but Jiaying mentioned it was created by an alien race called the Kree. It may well be made of material native to Maveth.

Thousands of years ago, the Kree visited Earth and experimented on humans with the goal of creating a race of super soldiers the Kree could use like living weapons. One of the first inhumans the Kree created was meant to lead the Kree's inhuman army, but instead he turned against the Kree and led an inhuman revolt that forced the Kree off of Earth.

Afterwards, however, the other Inhumans began to fear Hive's power and thus used the Monolith to trap Hive on Maveth.

Some time after that, a secret society was formed that existed for the sole purpose of finding a way of bringing Hive back to Earth. Over time this society became the modern day Hydra. For centuries, Hydra has sent people through the Monolith as sacrifices to Hive, who they worshiped as a god.

According to Fitz, the Monolith changed hands between Germanic tribes and spent about 100 years in France, but disappeared in England some time before the Napoleon era.

In Gloucestershire, England, 1839, the Monolith was used by a Hydra sect who were continuing the tradition of sending people though the Monolith to the alien planet.

Recent History Edit

The Monolith was found in the Yucatan by an archaeologist along with other artifacts dating back thousands of years. Among the artifacts was a case that contained a scroll that supposedly contained information on the Monolith, but when Fitz examined it the scroll only said one word in Hebrew, “death” (Maveth). 

Maveth scroll

In 2001, Gideon Malick convinced NASA to send a team of astronauts through the Monolith telling them that the Monolith was the future of space exploration. However, in reality Malick was sacrificing those people to Hive who needed their bodies to survive.

When Hydra "came out of the shadows," Director Fury gave Bobbi a special mission to sink a S.H.I.E.L.D. ship, The Iliad, which was carrying the Monolith inside it's cargo hold. It's unknown if Fury knew about Hive, only that Fury stressed the importance of not letting Hydra take the Monolith. However, Bobbi disobeyed Fury's order and helped recapture the ship from Hydra instead.

After Simmons was swallowed by the Monolith, Fitz began a desperate search to bring her back.

He discovered the Monolith was a portal to another world when he found alien sand on its surface. With Elliot Randolph's help, S.H.I.E.L.D. was able to locate a secret lab under an English castle. The passage to the lab was marked with the Hebrew word Maveth, just like on the scroll. The lab was built in the late 1800's and was powered by hydro-electric power from an underground aqueduct. The lab was designed as a one big machine to generate a sub-sonic frequency that could keep the Monolith open for an extended period of time.

Daisy was able to generate vibrations at the same frequency the sound waves the machine generated were at and open the portal. While the portal was still open, Fitz dove into it and rescued Simmons moments before the Monolith was destroyed.

However, even though the original Monolith was destroyed, Malick was still able to open the portal by combining the five pieces he had. After opening the portal, Malick sent a team through it, including Ward and a captive Fitz. Malick told Ward they'd reopen the portal again in 12 hours and they'd only be able to keep the portal open for 61 seconds before the planet's rotation caused the portal to move. A moment before the portal closed, Coulson jumped of the S.H.I.E.L.D. jet and into the portal after Ward.

Later, Daisy and Mack were able to gain control of the Monolith chamber and get Coulson and Fitz out of the castle. Afterwards, Mac had May use the jet's missiles to destroy the castle and presumably the Monolith pieces, too.

Version TwoEdit

Wikia Agents - Monolith S5 Orientation
A slightly different Monolith was used in "World's End" to send the team to the wreckage of Earth in the future, as detailed in "Orientation (part 1)" onward. This Monolith has a generally lighter shade to its substance and three roughly horizontal red bars between about halfway up its 'front' face to approximately the two-thirds mark. Whether this edition can transport across interstellar distances is unclear, as it appears to have moved the team into the future, but kept them essentially in Earth orbit.

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The Monolith constantly changes from a liquid form to a solid a form and when it's in its liquid form it acts like a portal to an alien world. The Monolith liquefies when the two moons on Maveth are aligned correctly or when the Monolith is exposed to a certain vibration frequency.

Trivia Edit

  • Malick has five pieces of the Monolith that were extracted centuries ago. Those pieces were supposed to be divided up evenly among Hydra's most powerful leaders ever since it was formed. The pieces, when put together, could be used to form another portal to Maveth.[1]
  • Jiaying said the inhuman elders warned her about the Monolith and described it as a weapon that could potentially destroy every inhuman on Earth; this myth was probably spawn from the Inhumans fear of Hive returning to Earth. However, Jiaying never believed the Monolith was real until Raina saw a vision of it.

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