A photostatic veil is a special device that uses DNA and voice recording to imitate the appearance and voice of another person.

In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Black Widow used the veil to impersonate a member of the World Security Council in order to get into the Triskeleon.

In "Face My Enemy", Sunil Bakshi used it to impersonate Gen. Talbot and Agent 33 later used it to impersonate May. However, Coulson was able to see through Agent 33's disguise when he said they should get coffee later, as Coulson knew that the real May hates coffee.

While Agent 33 and May fought, May electrocuted 33 in the face with a live wire, which caused the veil to malfunction, making it unable to be removed from 33's face and permanently stuck on May's face and voice.

In "Love in the Time of Hydra," Ward and Agent 33 abduct an unnamed doctor and force him to repair the veil, thus 33 can now use the veil to copy someone else's face again, but the veil still can't be removed. 33, later, used the veil to impersonate Talbot's wife in order to break Bakshi out of prison.

Trivia Edit

  • Coulson described the veil as a "nanomask".
  • Originally, a DNA sample was required for the veil to copy another person's appearance, but after the veil was repaired, Agent 33 could copy anyone she saw.
  • The doctor mentioned the veil's memory could only store three facial scans at a time.