Providence 232
Location Canadian Wilderness
Affiliation S.H.I.E.L.D
Type Secret Base
Season(s) 1
Appearances "Providence"
"The Only Light in the Darkness"
"Nothing Personal"

"Fury's private base on North American soil? I just had to see it for myself."
―Colonel Talbot[src]

Providence was the name given to a secret base by its caretaker, Agent Eric Koenig. The base was located in the Canadian wilderness and created on the orders of Nick Fury, who assigned Koenig to oversee the facility.


One of a number of secret bases set up by Director Fury, the coordinates for this one (49 27 41 -80 3 40) were sent to Agent Coulson via his S.H.I.E.L.D. badge.

Upon arrival, the team found nothing but a harsh, natural environment, and were preparing to give up the wild goose chase when Coulson's frustration led to the revelation of the entrance. The base was maintained by Agent Eric Koenig, who was hand-picked by Fury, and gave the otherwise anonymous location its nickname of "Providence". Coulson was automatically cleared for the base and missions, but all other team members were subjected to an evaluation by Koenig. In the course of this, Ward's HYDRA loyalties came to light, and though he bluffed his way through, the outcome was his killing of Koenig to hide the truth.

Providence appears to have "gone dark" along with the rest of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s network, although with the Sokovia Accords and the "reboot" that may once again change.


  • The co-ordinates in question are very close to Little Porphyry Lake in Ontario, and within the so-called "Canadian Shield".
  • "Providence" is also the name of the mutant Cable's base in the "Cable and Deadpool" comic strip run in the early 2000's.




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"Nothing Personal"Edit