Raina was evidently a significant figure in the Centipede Group, although her precise position and level of power has not been ascertained.

History Edit

Dr. Debbie was working with her ("Pilot") as well as Edison Po. She was striving to develop and improve the Centipede device with the help of The Clairvoyant and some other people as well as enlisting multiple test subjects. In episode 11, "The Magical Place", she was taken into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody.

Raina's choice of clothing, and reaction to Ward's 'gift' from the Clairvoyant, suggest that she believes she looks her best in Asiatic dress, possibly even viewing it as a kind of costume, revealing of her 'true' character.

Her conversations with Coulson in "The Magical Place", and her reaction to the discovery that Garrett is not, in fact, clairvoyant, seem to indicate that Raina is something of an idealist.

Garrett hints at her being some kind of chemistry genius or that she has powers concerning chemistry. She has shown a capacity for a manipulative empathy, or, as she put it to Coulson, "I want what you want."

At the end of "Beginning of the End", Raina is seen notifying Calvin Zabo, the father of Skye (Daisy Johnson) of Skye's existence, stating that she found his daughter.

At the end of the second mid-season finale, Raina undergoes the process of Terrigenesis, revealing her to be an Inhuman. Unlike Skye (Daisy Johnson/Quake), Raina undergoes a physical transformation causing a change in eye color, black, spiky protrusions on her skin and blackened fingertips. Whether she has actual powers was not revealed until "Melinda" where it is discovered that she has been experiencing precognitive dreams then later confirmed when she predicts multiple disasters from the Sokovia incident to the attack on "Afterlife".

Raina is at first horrified by her appearance and attempts suicide before Gordon saves her and brings her to Afterlife to help accept her new life as an inhuman. Raina slowly bonds with other inhumans in Afterlife, particularly Gordon, and eventually accepts herself believing that she has truly found her purpose and is finally an angel like she always dreamed.

Raina is murdered in "S.O.S. Part One by Jiaying to prevent her exposing Jiaying's own role in creating a war with S.H.I.E.L.D., and indeed humanity. However, Raina had a vision of the future of the Inhumans and her death and allowed it to happen, knowing that Skye would witness it and realize Jiaying's true nature, effectively directing the course of the future. This caused Skye to prevent her mother's plan and become a leader who would save the Inhumans.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

Raina is an Inhuman, and thus holds the potential to obtain superpowers when exposed to mist from the Terrigen Crystals within the Diviner.

  • Spike Protrusion: Raina's body upon the transformation developed countless spikes over her body. They are very durable and able to pierce through the sturdiest of armor. Her body is much stronger and more durable than an ordinary human as she was able to withstand gunshots from and kill multiple shield agents within the Kree temple.
  • Clairvoyance: Raina is randomly able to see visions of the future while dreaming. In "The Dirty Half Dozen", she has her first vision while awake and later in "Scars" says she has visions all the time now and they come naturally. Her precognition developed greatly throughout the end of season 2 to the point that she sacrificed herself knowing that it would lead to a safe future for the inhumans, using her power to foresee that her death would reveal the truth about Jiaying to Skye and, "Help her become the leader she was always destined to be." Raina stated that only Skye could save the inhumans from destruction implying she was possibly able to see years into the future.
  • Sharp claws


  • Hints that Raina is not human were seen when she picks up the Obelisk because, instead of being turned into a lifeless husk, it brightened at her touch, revealing mysterious symbols.
  • Another clue that Raina was not entirely human (as well as the question if Skye is human) is when she is having a conversation with Deathlok in "Ragtag". She asks Deathlok what he knows about Skye. When he asks, "Why?" she says, "Because inside, I believe she and I have something in common".



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