Ray Walter Krzeminski
Ray Krzeminski was a sexist, patronising and uncooperative colleague of Peggy Carter at the Strategic Scientific Reserve. He belittled Carter's every contribution, and believed he was doing her a favor by offering to let her cover his shift. Krzeminski had both a wife and a girlfriend, although seemingly the former at least did not know about the latter.

Krzeminski was assigned to sort through the wreckage of the dairy truck which transported Howard Stark's stolen inventions, and discovered the bumper and license plate from Mr. Stark's personal vehicle amid the debris. He was moving a key material witness to the transportation of the purloined inventory, one giftwrapped for him by Carter, although he didn't know that, and was gunned down by the agent (presumably Leviathan), sent to silence the posible leak.

Only Daniel Sousa knew Krzeminski's middle name when Jack Thompson asked the assembled agents what it was.

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