The Englishman was a man affiliated with Centipede, and served as a handler. When Coulson's team finally work out that Akela Amador is being controlled by an implant in her eye, they take steps to neutralize her handler. FitzSimmons come up with a pair of glasses which can duplicate the qualities and effects of the eye, and put them on Ward, who then undertakes Akela's mission. In the interim, Akela fills Coulson in regarding her situation, and what she knows of the shadowy forces running her life. Quirks of language and an imprecision of typing lead Coulson to look for a heavy-set Englishman of about 40 years of age. Unfortunately, when he does confront his suspect, the man has a handler of his own, who terminates him before S.H.I.E.L.D. can ask any questions. He dies, like Brian Hayward in "The Bridge", when the explosive in his eye implant is activated. His legal identity was never stated or written anywhere.