Tobias Ford was an engineer at the Particle Acceleration Complex in Batesville, Utah. He often found his work uninspiring, except on those occasions when the sun would break through, courtesy of a visit from Hannah Hutchins, the safety inspector. These highlights to his week became something he needed with greater and greater frequency, so Tobias began a campaign of sabotage, and reported faults and overlooked problems, knowing only it would mean Hannah had to come.

One such act of destruction on his part led to the explosion which killed three other employees and trapped him between dimensions. Still obsessed with Hannah, he sought to protect her from the locals who now blamed her, wholly and solely, for the catastrophe and the loss of life.

When the team took Hannah into protective custody aboard the Bus, Tobias followed, and began to do whatever it took to ensure Hannah was 'released' and 'safe'. He attacked Ward and FitzSimmons, and locked Coulson and Skye in Coulson's office. May eventually lured him out by taking Hannah off the plane and into a barn, where he showed his true colors, by sacrificing himself to protect Hannah from a falling wooden beam. May persuaded him that the only way out of 'Hell' was to let go of his link to Hannah and this world, which, with a lingering handhold, he did.



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