Tucker Shockley is a member of the Watchdogs who has an intense hatred for inhumans and S.H.I.E.L.D., convinced both are threats to humanity.

In an ironic twist of fate, Shockley is revealed to be inhuman himself with the power to create explosions.

Currently, Shockley is imprisoned inside a special air-tight and blast proof chamber designed by Fitz-Simmons.

Biography Edit

In "Broken Promises," Shockley makes his first appearance after Senator Nadeer's brother, Vijay, emerged from his cocoon. Nadeer lures her brother into a trap set by her, Shockley, and the other Watchdogs. Shockley gets ready to shoot Vijay, but, after pleading with his sister, Nadeer changes her mind and orders Shockley and the others to lower their guns.

Back at the cottage, Shockley receives a phone call and tells the other Watchdogs he's received new orders from "the superior" ordering them to kill Vijay despite what Nadeer wants. Vijay fights with the Watchdogs and Shockley tries to shoot him, but Vijay takes his gun. Shockley orders the others to kill Vijay while he runs towards the helicopter.

Later, Nadeer convinces her brother to come with them and Vijay boards the helicopter with her and Shockley. As they're flying, however, Nadeer shoots and apparently kills her brother. Nadeer then orders Shockley to get rid of the body.

In "Hot Potato Soup," Shockley abducts Billy as they know Coulson gave the Darkhold to him and, according to Radcliffe, the Darkhold contains the secret to destroying the inhumans.

Aboard a submarine, Shockley leaves a tied up Billy in an interrogation room and taunts Billy by describing how Anton will force him to tell them where the Darkhold is.

Later, Shockley briefly fights with AIDA after Radcliffe and Anton disagree over how to get the information out of Billy. AIDA almost crushes Shockley's fist, but Radcliffe orders she release him.

After Radcliffe learns the location of the Darkhold from using the Framework on Billy, Shockley and a team of Watchdogs invade the Labyrinth and threaten to kill Billy unless they hand over the Darkhold. A shootout starts between the Watchdogs and S.H.I.E.L.D. and, during the chaos, Shockley escapes and the May LMD delivers the book to Radcliffe as she was programmed to.

In "BOOM," Shockley pays a visit to Nadeer's office and begins ranting about how she has the same blood as her brother had which means she could be inhuman too. He then pulls out a terrigen crystal, supplied by Radcliffe, and breaks it on her desk thereby releasing the terrigen mist. To everyone surprise, however, Shockley begins experiencing terrigenesis and not Nadeer. Shockley then uses his power to create a huge explosion which kills Nadeer.

After the explosion, Shockley finds himself naked and disoriented. He stumbles back to a Watchdog base where Anton berates him for killing Nadeer as the plan was to bring Nadeer back to base if she wasn't inhuman. Shockley explains Nadeer was inhuman and she was the one that caused the explosion. After Anton leaves, Daisy and a S.H.I.E.L.D. team storm the base and arrest Shockley and the other Watchdogs.

Shockley wakes up on Zephyr One with Daisy interrogating him about where Radcliffe is, but Shockley says he'll only talk to Director Mace. After Mace arrives, Shockley's body starts making a buzzing sound and Simmons and Fitz rush in to warn them all what Shockley's power is. Mace and Fitz force Shockley into the Containment Module and Simmons jettisons the module from the plane moments before Shockley explodes.

Boom reform

Shockley reforming after an explosion

Shockley reforms on the ground and steals the car of a passing motorist. Shockley drives to diner where he calls Anton and confesses that he's inhuman. Anton tells him he's no longer a Watchdog, but Shockley promises to deliver S.H.I.E.L.D. to him and devises a plan to use himself as a bait to lure in S.H.I.E.L.D. Shockley then explodes thus destroying the diner in an attempt to get S.H.I.E.L.D.'s attention.

Daisy confronts Shockley alone while Fitz and Simmons finish their containment chamber. Daisy uses her own vibration power to force Shockley to continuously self-destruct in order to stall for time. After several explosions, Fitz and Simmons arrive with their containment chamber which uses a fan to suck in Shockley before he has the chance to reform into his physical form.

Powers Edit

  • Self-Destruction: Shockley's power works by vibrating his cells at an atomic level which generates massive amounts of kinetic energy. Shockley then releases all that energy at once in the form of a huge explosion.
  • Gaseous Form: When Shockley self-destructs his body temporarily transforms from a solid to a flammable gas. After the explosion, Shockley's body transforms back into solid.

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