Victoria Hand was a Level 8 S.H.I.E.L.D. operative. Hand was well-known to lower ranking agents and had a reputation for brusqueness and expected punctuality and precision from agents under her, or even temporarily under her jurisdiction.


Hand oversaw an operation from The Hub to destroy an enemy weapon called the Overkill Device and neutralize the Ossetian rebels that built it.

To this end, she assigned agents Grant Ward and Leo Fitz the task of neutralizing the weapon before launching the attack. Ward and Fitz were successful, and the attack commenced.

Despite not having an extraction plan for Ward and Fitz, Hand is confident that their team-leader, Agent Phil Coulson, will secure his team's safe return. Coulson, does not, however, appear to reciprocate this high regard, viewing her actions as reckless endangerment of his people.[1]

Hunt for Centipede Edit

After Coulson is taken prisoner by Centipede, Hand takes command of his team and becomes determined to take down the villains. However, Hand isn't as concerned for Coulson's well being and even comments how she can't understand why S.H.I.E.L.D. is using so much time and resources trying to rescue one agent.

She leads the team on a mission to a arrest Vanchat, a criminal that has been illegally selling large amounts of Chitauri metal, thinking Centipede is one of his customers. While Vanchat is being interrogated, Hand orders Skye off the plane claiming Skye's a distraction and of no use to the mission. However, Ward urges Hand to reconsider her decision and Hand asks May if she thinks Skye can be useful. May says she agrees with Hand and thus Hand orders Skye off the plane. It's later revealed, however, that May wanted Skye off the plane because she knew Skye couldn't find Coulson with Hand interfering.

With the information Ward got from Vanchat, Hand begins organizing raids on facilities all over the world that Vanchat sold Chitauri metal to. Hand personally led a raid in Sydney, Australia as she believed this was a Centipede base. However, before leaving, Ward and May approached Hand and told her they just made contact with Skye who believes she knows where Centipede is holding Coulson. Hand doesn't think Skye is reliable, however, and May suggests that Hand continue raiding potential Centipede facilities while they rescue Coulson themselves.

The team succeeds in their independent mission to rescue Coulson and they also arrest Raina as well. Hand greets Coulson on the Bus and informs him their mission was a success and they've taken down Centipede operations around the world. Also, she comments how she's happy to get off the Bus.

Hydra Inside S.H.I.E.L.D. Edit

In "End of the Beginning", Coulson calls a meeting with Hand, Sitwell, Garret, and Blake aboard the Bus. First, Coulson explains to them how he wanted to have this meeting in person and while the Bus is air-borne thinking it would prevent the Clairvoyant from spying on them. Then, he explains to the group how he and Garret have a theory that the Clairvoyant isn't someone on the Index, but rather someone who was rejected from it. Garret has already prepared a list of suspects and Coulson explains they'll divide into two person teams with each team investigating a different suspect. Hand decides to oversee their progress from the Hub and takes a jet back to base.

At the end of the episode, the Bus suddenly changes course and Coulson realizes someone has taken control of the plane. Hand is then seen standing in front of screen watching the Bus' flight path and she says "when that plane touches down, take out everyone on board. Except Agent Coulson. He's mine."

In "Turn, Turn, Turn", Hydra sends out an encrypted message over all S.H.I.E.L.D. communication channels activating all Hydra sleeper agents within S.H.I.E.L.D. Hand works to retake the Hub from Hydra by capturing every S.H.I.E.L.D. agent she and her agents can find and restraining them until she knows for sure they aren't Hydra. Furthermore, Hand is convinced Coulson's the real Clairvoyant and is working for Hydra.

First, Hand deploys two drones to shoot down Garret's jet, but Garret narrowly dodges their missiles and Coulson shoots down both drones with the Bus' guns. Garret then docks his jet on the Bus and boards. However, this doesn't faze Hand and she orders that Garret be taken out with Coulson's team once the Bus lands.

When the Bus lands at the Hub, Hand has a team raid it only to discover Coulson, Garret, and the others had already escaped using Fitz's Mouse Hole gadget. Meanwhile, Hand's agents capture Simmons and Trip and Hand orders them both to swear their allegiance to Hydra or die. When they choose the latter, Hand knows she can trust them.

Later, Garret betrays Coulson and admits that he's the real Clairvoyant. A fight ensues and Coulson and his team are able to knock out Garret and several other Hydra agents. Hand then arrives with a team of her agents and tells them she heard everything that happened through a hidden microphone.

At the end of the episode, Hand escorts Garrett to the Fridge with Ward and two other agents. Hand tells John Garrett that she thinks the Icebox at the Fridge might be too comfortable for him, and it might be better to have him put a "little deeper underground". She then asks Ward if since he shot the wrong Clairvoyant before if he would care to shoot the right one. After Ward readies himself to execute Garrett, he instead shoots the two agents and Hand, the latter repeatedly, killing them. 



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