Beginning End 378

This is the term used in "Beginning of the End" by John Garrett to describe the alien symbology seen, and reproduced, by both himself and Coulson and also written on the blackboard in "Eye-Spy" discovered by Ward.

The symbols are also found on Diviner Obelisk, and the "Miracle Painting" found in Miami Florida. They are also tattooed on Sebastian Derik's body.


First seen in Eye-Spy, The Clairvoyant uses Akela Amador to capture an image of the alien equation from the Todorov Building, and is also seen by Grant Ward.

Later, after being injected with GH.325, John Garrett now has the urge to carve the same alien equation in a sheet of plexiglass. After seeing it, fellow GH.325 patient Phil Coulson receives the same urges to carve the equation into various surfaces, first the nearest wall, then the wall of the Playground, even his own desk.

The team gets word of a "Miracle Painting" with the same equation carved in the back of the frame. HYDRA attempts to steal it but S.H.I.E.L.D. ends up capturing it and storing it in the Playground.

WOTW 078

Coulson starting to piece the big picture together

The team then meets Sebastian Derik another Guest House patient, who is tattooing the symbols on his body. Coulson figures out that not all the patients have the whole picture of the equation.

The whole equation is finally complete in The Writing on the Wall, when Coulson and Skye determine the equation is not a map, but a schematic for a city structure.

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